Miley Cyrus Thanks God for L.A. Weather, Tweets Sexy Swimsuit Pic

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Move over, Kim Kardashian.

You're not the only celebrity who can Tweet sexy swimsuit selfies.

With the celebrity gossip world still abuzz over Kardashian's post-baby body reveal, Miley Cyrus took to Instagram this weekend and posted a cleavage-based shot of her own.

It features the singer, sans head, in a red bathing suit, showing off long red nails and a lot of skin. The caption? "god bless october in la."

Miley Cyrus Bathing Suit Photo

This, of course, could practically be conservative for Miley these days, based on the outfits (or lackthereof) that she's been donning on stage and during red carpet appearances.

As for one young man we're sure is enjoying this view? Photographer Theo Wenner. He and Cyrus have allegedly been an item since this summer.


Too skinny to be healthy. Eat girl. xo


poor little lost girl!


...for free again?


Miley's body exactly looks like that of Bieber! She does'nt looks woman!


You mean she actually has clothes on? Surprise... She's still and ugly dike. Nothing but trash? Good luck Miley cause your drawing all the wrong attention?

@ Wow

You write as if she really gives a rats furry little ass what you or anyone thinks.


Who's the tranny in that pic?


So this is what people are calling sexy these days! If that's the case there is sexy sitting along the swimming pool of every cheap Hotel along I-10. You would think she could do something about those disgusting press on nails. That "Trash Bling" around her neck actually represents or says ( My door is open) for dark meat only. I would never ever use the term CONSERVATIVE in reference to anything she says or does. The weather? Right.... Like she has something to do with that!

@ Sims

Live and let live

@ Tigerlily

As I type... I know she's watching.... I feel the weight of her stare..... :) Live & Let Live... catchy little phrase.... Uh huh. Let's pause and see what comes with that! ... Gay Rights positioning over High healthcare, that's is of course unless you have a job then you can pay for those who don't have Healtcare or a job. Howz about 17 Trillion in debt.... and if you do the math and carry it over to the last decimal- it means let's live being someone's bitch for a... Generation? The side effects of Live & Let Live are ... No accountability, very little responsibilty and zero (financial) mobility. Truth is we are so encouraged (bent) letting others do what they want, we no longer have options to do whats necessary because it infringes on other freedom? Yeah.... I'm sure that is more than soul can digest. How far DOOOOOOOOWWN do we need to go before we realize it's (Live and act accordingly) or Responsible?

@ Sims

Miley Cyrus is a by-product of an industry that includes JayZ,Kardashians, Kanye West and many more. They feast on impressionable youth, and supply no nutritional value. These same youths have drop out rate of 3 million annually, they are in an education system that rates number 25th in the world in math and science. These so called music artists serve up... understanding your pain & are angry about your misfortune just like (Obama), they get you all fired up with rebellion just like ( Liberal News) and they have not one answer to end your suffering as in the (Government). Yet people applaud them. Miley and the Government are cut from the same cloth. They are one in the same. They leave you with Castles in the Air. For someone to speak the truth can make some uncomfortable. I hope this helps.

@ Sims

How did a discussion about Miley Cyrus get to be about the economy and world as we know it going down in flames? Somebodys awfully touchy as of late. One can only wonder what's really behind all that crabbiness? Inquiring minds would like to know.....

@ Sims



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Thank you guys for all your support. Without you, none of this would be possible. I love every one of you and I could not be more appreciative. God bless you.

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I have let myself down. I will learn from my mistakes and trust my support team. My family and my faith will guide me through my life's journey.

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