Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar: STILL Trying For 20th Baby!

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Despite major health complications in recent years, Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar are still trying for their 20th child together, a new report indicates.

Michelle confirmed that the TLC couple, who viewers saw celebrate their 29th wedding anniversary on last night's 19 Kids and Counting, is TTC.

As in trying to conceive.

While hoping that they'll be blessed with another pregnancy, they're simply "enjoying their grandbabies" and are "thankful and grateful" for their other 19 kids.

Michelle Duggar, for the record, is 47 and has been married to Jim Bob for 29 years, meaning she's pretty much been pregnant for their whole relationship. (And she also makes a mean Duggars tater tot casserole recipe!)

Their 19th child, born in 2009, was born prematurely and experienced major health problems. Michelle suffered a miscarriage with their 20th baby in 2011.

Perhaps, one could argue, they are pushing it at this point?

Do they have a bonus clause in their deal with TLC if they make it to 20? Do they have one more "J" name they're dying to use? Are they addicted to reproducing?

It's unclear, but they're clearly as gung-ho about it as ever.

To each their own. Since they live debt free and have clearly made their enormous family the foundation of their life, should anyone really judge the Duggars?

Not exactly Octomom Nadya Suleman here. Just saying.

You tell us: Should they have a 20th child?


No she lost the last one, God's way of telling her to stop the nonsense, you're too old. You've HAD ENOUGH ALREADY!!! STOP IT!!!


Please excuse my hyphenated arou'nd, it was unintentional.


So many children arou'nd the world have no family to love them, and even go without the basic necessities every day of their lives. How about adopting one or more of them? Too many people have children because their ego tells them to, as in "passing on my DNA"... how about really doing some good and helping the kids that are already here.


yah I think 19 kids is way to many as it is! And she had so many problems with the last baby she had, then they had a miscarriage this last time. I think they should focus on taking care of the kids they already have.


That's a lot of children. I couldn't imagine having 10, so 20 would be a definite no. But that's their life and if they can do it good for them. One thing they should think about is their age. She's 47 and still has a lot of kids to take care of now till their 18. But if her body can handle another child and she's able to take care of it... then more power to them. :-)

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