Maria Kang Accused of "Fit-Shaming" Women With Facebook Pic, Issues Non-Apology

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Maria Kang, a very fit mom of three, is accused of "fit-shaming" women in a Facebook photo she shared, and now refuses to apologize for.

The 32-year-old fitness enthusiast and former beauty queen shared this image of herself in a workout bra and short shorts, flaunting her toned body:

Maria Kang (Fit Mom) Photo

Alongside her? Kang's three sons, ages 3 years, 2 years, and 8 months, with the caption: "What's Your Excuse?" Just motivating others, right?

Depends who you ask. The picture sparked a comment war, with many of 12,000 (!) responses accusing her of fat-shaming, a charge Kang denies.

After she responded with what she calls a "non-apology," the debate escalated. How did she address some of the criticism she received? Read on ...

"I'm sorry you took an image and resonated with it in such a negative way," she wrote.

"I won't go into details that I struggled with my genetics, had an eating disorder, work full time owning two businesses, have no nanny, am not naturally skinny and do not work as a personal trainer."

"What I WILL say is this. What you interpret is not MY fault. It's yours. The first step in owning your life, your body and your destiny is to OWN the thoughts that come out of your own head."

"I didn't create them. You created them. So if you want to continue 'hating' this image, get used to hating many other things for the rest of your life."

Kang's point is that mom who don't work out are lazy and fat, but that you can and should make fitness a part of your life even when you're a busy mom.

If you saw that photo of her and felt bad about yourself, too bad.

One can understand, up to a point, why someone who doesn't look like Maria would react in an intense, even negative way to the image she posted.

Perspectives are skewed by own unique challenges, and enhanced by our own insecurities. Maybe some felt she was bragging or showing off, too.

It doesn't mean she was "shaming" anyone else here, however. Nor was she going on other people's Facebook pages and writing hateful comments.

Perhaps Kang's approach was the issue, not her intent.

What if she wrote "What's your motivation?" Instead of "What's your excuse?" Or been more sympathetic and less defensive in her reply? Would it be different?

Share your comments on this interesting debate with us below.

Is Maria Kang fat-shaming women with this photo?


Im glad your fit and happy, but to put "What is our excuse?" I can tell you what mine is....I love my big butt and my great boobs. I have no problem with the extra chunk I have on my belly. I hate that people who carry a few extra pounds are considered unhealthy, when this is not the case. I have 4 kids that I run after, I bike ride when I can, I do the Wii workouts, I go for walks, I got to the park, I wrestle and roll on the floor with my kids....I work full time and go to school full time....Im not going to take another minute away from my kids than I have to. You came off as a snide, inconsiderate, pig...You may be thin, but that's exactly what you are, a pig! It doesn't mater how much you moisturize, how skinny or fat you are, or what genes you have....if you get stretch marks you get them....Are we suppose to feel bad about not being able to run around in skanky exercise clothes? As a matter of fact, my husband loves my body and my stretch marks, so why should I care what others think of me including you?!


I am a stay at home mom who has recently lost 70 lbs! I did not get fat by being a at home mom. I got fat by not caring about my own body and eating whatever I wanted! I am a strong enough person to admit my own faults and I also did something about it!! I see no problem with her posting a pic of herself looking amazing! She has a right to be proud of herself. I still have a few pounds to go before I have reached my goal weight but I can say that I would want to show off my new body too! If anything her pic should give other women motivation. Just because someone is successful and you are not, does not give you the right to tear them down nor does it mean they can't post about their successes because it might "offend" someone. If offends you then shes right, that's YOUR issue not hers!

@ Emily

wow. you are so mean.

@ Emily

I would consider the fact that I have two kids (5 and newborn) and am still about to graduate med school next year at the top of my class as 'being successful', stretch marks, saggy, post-breastfeeding-boobs, extra pounds and all. What's YOUR excuse for not meeting MY definition of success? MAYBE BECAUSE IT'S NOT YOUR GOAL AND YOU SHOULDN'T BE MADE TO FEEL BAD FOR THAT. Getting it yet?

@ MM

@MM, thank you for your "standard of success" comment, that pretty much nailed it for me!


Nothing wrong with this pic those who are upset about this photo are people who lacks self esteem and are too lazy to do anything about it


people need to stop hating on others cause they feel bad when they see a woman like that . COME ON LADIES!!! I have had 5 kds and am pushing 300 lbs. and i am this way cause my fat ass sits around wishing i wasnt a fat ass. and even if I had horrid stretch marks (which I do) if I had her body I would so still sport a 2 piece. sop hating on women who take control of their lives and bodies and nstead commend them for their drive and ambition!!!!


How about women that get horrid stretch marks? Is there an excuse for that? Sorry...but not everyone, no matter how fit, can run around in a bikini after having kids. Not everyone has the physique to be tiny, either. Good for you that you are in shape, but no need to try to make other women who aren't a size 2 feel bad.


More power to her! I agree with her 100%!!


The nerve of this woman. Especially since no ones ever done it before?


The only thing I see here is that others view her accomplishment as a personal attack and a threat. And that is what these women are doing - making her their threat. So put down the cookies, take your kids for a walk, and stop blaming others for your own shortcomings. I AM a busy mother, and I work full time, and my daughter exercises with me. It is the surest way to ensure that our children have a healthy future - LEAD BY EXAMPLE. That being said - she should tone back on the self high-fives. You made your point with your amazing abs, lady. No need to be outright mean.

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