Man Who Raised Adrian Peterson's Son "Sick of All the Poor AP S--t"

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Bobby Ruffin, the man who raised Adrian Peterson's son, says he is tired of all the media coverage and people feeling bad for the 2012 NFL MVP.

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    He was that boys daddy blood or not I see where hes coming from....its not like he was bad mouthing AP he was just stating his frustrations with the media making it about AP and not about the poor baby


    He is justified. I have been thinking the exact same thing. I mean I am so very sorry that this child lost his life at the hands of someone that he should have been able to trust. And I'm sorry that Peterson didn't know or get to know his biological son. But all of this hype for him is geared to the wrong person. The 'real' father that raised him for two years should be receiving the thoughts and prayers. JMO And're an idiot!!


    Bobby is justified. AP knew for months this kid was his and didn't bother to meet him until the poor kid was dying at the hospital. The kid certainly didn't know AP as his daddy, and he wasn't there for him financially or emotionally. Not saying AP isn't crushed his biological son was killed, but all this "poor AP" stuff about his "son" is publicity nonsense. I don't blame AP though, I blame the whore of a mom who slept around so much, she didn't even know who the biological dad was. She was probably out whoring around when one of her boyfriends killed this innocent child.


    Sounds like the child's mama got around quite a bit. So sad for the little boy that mama didn't pick a better man, one who wouldn't beat a baby to death. Hope the perp gets the death penalty.


    read more about tyrese's mother too. here:


    Peterson shouldn't feel to bad. When all else fails he can migrate to the white woman, she will take anything.

    @ Sims

    " When all else fails he can migrate to the white woman, she will take anything."- WTF is that supposed to mean???

    @ Tori

    Well Tori, if you look around and see what trash is on the Tube or walking the streets you will realize it ain't Black Women or any other color! White women will do anything for attention. Look at who cries for free contraception and you don't have to ask why. Look at who screams for late term abortion and they ain't wearin a weave! It ain't Black women. Me being a white man I can tell you it's a freakin embarrassment,

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