Lindsay Lohan: I Did NOT Fall Off the Wagon, I Swear!

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Lindsay Lohan wasn't reaching for a wine bottle in a photo that surfaced Wednesday morning, nor was she drunk during the bar fight she nearly started.

That's her story anyway, despite the incriminating evidence against her.

Lindsay Lohan is SMOKING

LiLo sources claim she was just reaching for her purse and cell phone on the same counter top as a wine bottle, and a bad photo angle is to blame.

Whether it's bad luck or celebrity gossip sites trying to set her up, it just ain't true, according to her camp. They swear she is as sober as the day is long.

Lindsay Lohan has been telling friends she's been faithfully attending multiple AA meetings per week, and has continued therapy since leaving rehab.

Regardless, the photo was taken at a friend's house. A friend who clearly had wine while Lindsay was visiting. Sounds like a bad idea, and it's not the first time.

The other night, rumors surfaced that Lindsay fell off the wagon in NYC.

During a night out at a karaoke bar, she became belligerent with the staff and her crew reportedly left a private room strewn with spent liquor bottles.

There is no proof she was drunk then, either, and sources say Lindsay has overcome her desire to drink, regardless of what's going on around her.

This is her explanation for having ditched her sober coach, as well. She can handle sobriety on her own, so it's a non-issue. That's the story she's spinning, anyway.

Anyone buy it? You be the judge, THGers ...

Lindsay Lohan: Can she stay clean?


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What a stupid F'in site -- the animated pics on the right. Anyway, you look good.


Lindsays' a trip. Hang in there hang in there. 'Linking over from Google news there's 3 pics w/this story that are Winners. Hopefully you'll get a call from Mirabella. 'Cause you deserve it (well, at least an interview). You don't need the TMZ fodder. It's a cold cold truth but the system is looking for a violation screw-up. -- Don't forget that --. Get it behind you & have the last laugh. And really it's not a bad opportunity. Read about Ms. Winehouse don't live like Ms. Winehouse. Also, start suing for Slander. Sue their ballsssssss off. Some day prob. not far off the role for the Basic Instinct remake will come in. We get it Lindsay.


Yeah right.....Oprah, come get her!


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