Leah Remini: Scientology Looking to Make Example of Me

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Leah Remini has opened up further about her leaving the Church of Scientology after she was subpoenaed to testify in a new lawsuit against the church.

Remini split from the church in July, and feels that Scientologists want her to fail on Dancing With the Stars as an example of what happens if one leaves.

Not the case so far. After last night's non-elimination Dancing With the Stars results show, she's already made the halfway point of the season so far.

When she left the church, the former King of Queens star said she did so because Scientology officials were controlling and intimidating toward members.

In 30 years as a member of the church, Remini served a one-year stint in the elite "Sea Org" religious order and was friends with high-profile members.

The star was subpoenaed to testify on October 15 in a case against the church earlier this month, but the church has postponed her deposition indefinitely.

Former member Monique Rathbun is suing the church and its leader, David Miscavige, for harassing her and her formerly Scientologist husband, Marty.

Because of what Remini could divulge, lawyers for the church said they “don’t particularly want that deposition taken,” attorney Marc Wiegand said. “

"But we’re entitled to discovery on matters that are relevant, and this is relevant.”

"Who knows what may come up," Ray Jeffrey, counsel for the plaintiffs, said.


Scientology a cult! I don't think they believe in any sort of God other than themselves. Example: Tom Cruise things that he is untouchable and that He is a God himself. Tu es normal people that believe in God we know that Tom Cruise is absolutely insane. I admire her for leaving and I wish her all the best in her future!!


She was an idiot for being there to begin with.


so "Good Things" are coming her way now?


"Former member Monique Rathbun" Wrong! Monique was never a member of Scientology. Regardless, Leah's testimony could be devastating to the cult of scientology because she has first hand experience of how David Miscavige rules every aspect of the cult. Miscavie is trying to stay out of the lawsuit by claiming that he is just a religious figure head.


She's a very brave chick. I tend to believe her.

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