Lea Michele: Too Skinny Since Cory Monteith Tragedy?

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Glee star Lea Michele stepped out for her first red carpet appearance since the tragic death of boyfriend and co-star Cory Monteith on Monday night.

The 27-year-old actress looked beautiful and strong despite the devastation she's been through, but onlookers also noticed that she looks very thin.

More so than she ever has. Take a look:

Lea showed off her petite frame in a cut-out Calvin Klein design, revealing some cleavage and underboob with just a peek of her rock-hard abs.

Michele's toned and defined tummy was exposed through a slit in the dress, which was certainly a daring choice regardless of your views on her weight.

If she has lost too much weight, it's understandable given the circumstances. A source said that Michele is slowly moving on from Monteith's death.

"She talks about Cory constantly," the insider said, admitting that getting past it has been a hard, long process. "She tries to remember the good times."

What do you think? Has she lost too much weight? Or is she just looking a little skinnier than usual in an outfit that really accentuates it more than most?

Share your comments on the Glee star's look below ...


She is going to do well. Plus, she is attractive.


I think that Lea Michele looks amazing she on the red carpet and no way does she look to thin she has never been to thin of has ever been big either so leave the girl alone .


Blind Gossip dot com says the fauxmance with Corey was fabricated in a publicist's office and the weight loss is from a product manufactured in Columbia...


People need to leave her be. Thr hardest part about being famous is when tragedy strikes its near impossible to have privacy and she needed it. I lost my best friend to an overdose. Losing someone you really love to their demons is unexplainably hard, especially when you think theyre clean. Thats my case as well. Shes doing fantastic for someone who lost the love of her life and im proud of her for holding her head up and continuing her life and carweer. Maybe she lost some weight maybe not, either way what do you expect? Shes still beautiful and her voice can bring you to tears with any ballad she sings


Dude. Leave her alone! Do you really think it's your stupid websites place to tell her that she looks too thin? Gee, The guy she was planning her LIFE with, JUST died! Give her some time to accept it. She does not need the stress, or the drama of people now commenting on her weight.


Everyone needs to just leave her alone...a lot of girls lose weight after a breakup.. her boyfriend died,Thats a lot worse and not only has she had to deal with it on a personal level,she's also had to suffer through it on the show...all while keeping a smile on her face. People need to give the girl some props,I think she is a very strong woman


she hopes she will survive Christmas?


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