Lamar Odom to Khloe Kardashian: Pay Me $50 Million... Or Else!

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Lamar Odom is reportedly determined to play for the Lakers again.

And also to make Khloe Kardashian's life miserable.

According to the latest OK! Weekly, Odom may be over the use of crack cocaine... but he's all about extortion these days. The tabloid claims Lamar is "demanding $50 million" from Khloe or he'll "ruin" her family.

How so?

“He’d go on TV, on radio, newspapers and magazines, whatever. His story would be the ultimate window into their world, and he knows it," a totally real source tells the tabloid.

What sort of secrets is Odom privy to? Sheesh, how much time have you got?!?

The insider alleges that Lamar knows the dirty details regarding Kris and Bruce Jenner's separation, "from the truth about cheating rumors to the fly-on-the-wall detail when they were fighting and the girls’ reactions when the marriage was crumbling.”

Heck, Odom is even threatening to go public with very old chatter about Kim Kardashian, Reggie Bush and whether she cheated on her old lover with Kanye West.

Lamar Odom Tabloid Request

Granted, Lamar recently defended the Kardashians as his real family and Tweeted that they've all been there for him during some very dark periods of his life.

But come on now. Who are we supposed to believe, Lamar Odom or an article about Lamar Odom?!?


Kiss Jenner you are a shameless old fool woman cos am not going to call you a mother you don't worth it to be a mother is not just to open your body and put to birth you allow your little daughters to go to club old fool while doing this?you are a shameless sad old fool you are truly a wicked evil woman you have no heart you have sold your soul to money you think you are living no fool you have no life look at your daughters just look at their life's money is good but not to give your life to it ugly old cow.


he tells people she isn't a kardashian?


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@ Isa

Marketing yourself ?


I pray for Lamar Odom and all involved until Lamar does goes public with his details I will not believe anything mention in the tabloids, or media. Remember everyone Lamar has always stayed MUM during all of this Publicity stunt on his and khloe marital issues,infedilites and cocaine addictions. So until Lamar goes on the Wendy Show or any talk show live even in the news, actually make an announcement himself I am going to stay in The kardashians are trying to pull scripts from wherever they can even to lie about this is what they do. The latest news is so sad to see the JENNER girls out at a 21 older club that deals with nudity performances. Bruce and kris j not a good look and soon the children service board will be doing a full complete investigating in the homes of both parents. The jenner girls are out of CONTROL. so sad prayers are so needed there were pics of the both girls and they sure did look like they were very HIGH on something so sad.


The family tried to destroy him & payback is totally justified. The public will be thrilled to hear from insiders about this sick family.

@ Repeter

It seems like you are the only person online with a brain. This shameless pack of Sodomites feeds off od media attention and their claim to fame is selling (and possibly producing) their sister/daughters sex tape. They have no talent except for selling tabloids therefore it is obvious that they will say anything to keep people talking. The more attention they get the greater the possibitity of their Krappy show to get extended. They love the negative attention!


God I hope this is true

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