Lamar Odom: Sober, Choosing "Self-Healing" Over Rehab

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Rehab, shmeehab.

So apparently sums up Lamar Odom's take on recovering from his substance abuse problem, as sources tell TMZ the reality star has been clean and sober for five days - and doesn't think he needs any professional help to remain that way.

Friends of Odom say he's all about "self-healing," claiming he possesses the will power to kick his drug habit once and for all.

Perhaps this is why Lamar thinks he'll play in the NBA this season.

Odom is very much against checking into any kind of facility and is instead focusing on the removal of certain bad influences from his life.

In order to save his marriage to Khloe Kardashian? Sure, that would be nice.

But this insider says Lamar is more focused on the start of NBA training camp and getting sober so he can suit up at some point in the near future.

Lamar did attempt rehab earlier this summer, but he lasted there for a total of one day before fleeing. Numerous reports have connected him with a variety of drugs, from Oxycontin to Ecstasy to crack and pure cocaine.

Whatever path Odom chooses to take, for the sake of all involved, let's hope he does find a way to clean himself up.


TPTB are good at turning away from these problems until the public gets wind of the athletes involvement then they take drastic measures to correct it. Lamar's career in the NBA seems seriously jeopardized. His marriage will be over as the Kardashians complete filming their current show. Too bad the real like drama beats the hell out of the make believe.


This poor guy is just chasing his tail. His goal is to get back into the NBA which is the place where all this drug stuff happens is more than ironic! He truly needs rehab -- but not the fancy-schmancy California type -- but a hard-core get clean facility. The guy grew up in Queens, for pity's sake. He understands hard core!


Right! Self (medicating) healing. I've seen it work with the same person 6 or 8 times, then it failed, then it worked, then failed. Some would call it denial. Latest studies show he has a 7% chance of success with the self healing in effect.Still- with an unselfish deeply commited and understand spouse like his- success rate should JUMP!

@ Sims

I left you a message at JJCC. Hope you read it.


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