Lady Gaga Bares Ass For New Single, Tries to Trump Kim Kardashian

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Lady Gaga's new cover art for her single with R. Kelly, "Do What U Want," is something else. Mother Monster has got BACK and is not afraid to flaunt it.

With music stars like Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, and even Ke$ha raising the naked bar of late, you knew Gaga had to up the ante. And she has. BIG time.

If thongs are bad, we don't wanna be right. Or something.

Lady Gaga Thong

While it will certainly grab attention (and make people want to grab that), it's disappointing in a way, considering the source and its lack of creativity.

If Lady Gaga instructs you to LOOK AT MY ASS, you're obviously gonna do it. Those are some bootylicious curves, and there's a lot of enjoyment in that.

But we just expect this sort of thing from the likes of Kim Kardashian, not a supposedly edgy and unquestionably talented artist. Just saying.

"Do What U Want," Gaga, but step it up, okay?

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I don't think it's ladylike. That's the point. Respecting women. These ass-bearers don't encourage men to treat women like ladies, and that's a shame, because the best men are gentlemen

@ Default+Setteen

This kind of behavior shines a dim light on women in this country. She is on the picture not every other woman therefore she represents. Women have sent so many mixed messages, they want control over their body, they want respect, they want equal rights yet this is what they display. You let a man say something derogatory and there is hell to be paid and then you have this. Cake & eat it too? No such thing.

@ Default+Setteen

Well fortunately she nor does any other public figure for that matter speaks for the real ladies of the world like me so what this woman does does not reflect me in any way shape or form. And need I remind you that there are no more real "gentlemen put there in the world so there's really nothing to worry about on that front. The whole world is going to hell in a handbag!"

@ K.

It doesn't reflect on you, but it reflects plenty on others. Others that don't know to disengage from madness like this. Those that don't have any life experience, who know no other way of life. And there ARE gentlemen out there, just as there are ladies. We just need to realize we are being poisoned by corporate media into not recognizing our true nobility of character.

@ Default+Setteen

I get what you mean. You make a very valid point. Thanks.

@ Default+Setteen

Did you know K that during ww1 the Germans and the englished stopped fighting the war to celebrate Christmas together? I mean together. They played games. And they had trouble with the men, shooting over each others heads. They hadn't been 'propagandized' yet. We have all been propagandized. Humans, left alone are a much more civilized lot, than we give ourselves credit for.

@ Default+Setteen

Fair enough.