Kristen Stewart: Not Happy About Robert Pattinson Dating Dylan Penn

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Poor Kristen Stewart.

First, the actress was losing her hair over her split with Robert Pattinson. And now she's lost her man entirely to another woman!

Indeed, sources confirm that Pattinson is dating Dylan Penn, the 23-year old model daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright Penn. The couple has reportedly been together for about two months.

And as if the pain of seeing her ex with another woman wasn't enough on its own, Stewart has two reasons to be especially hurt over Rob and Dylan pairing up:

  1. She knows Penn.
  2. Pattinson took his new paramour to a concert last week!

“When Kristen heard Rob had taken Dylan Penn out to listen to some music, she was not happy," an insider tells Hollywood Life. "She doesn’t understand what’s going on with Rob and his decision making. There are a million people Rob could date, but he picks someone Kristen knows."

It's public knowledge that Stewart and Pattinson enjoyed listening to music together.

Attending local shows at Los Angeles bars and restaurants was sort of their "bond," this source tells the website.

So it's extra difficult for the actress at the moment, as she deals with Pattinson moving on to someone else and that someone else sharing her same love for some fun tuns.

Still, “Kristen is doing a lot better," this anonymous friend concludes. "But she still misses Rob."

Well, sure. Who wouldn't?!?

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Wow this crap is so becoming, everyone wants to talk trash about Kristen, let the young lady be. So what she misses rob, so what she made a mistake, HELL WE ALL DO. GET OVER IT. HE'S BEEN UNFAITHFUL HIMSELF.

@ selene

@ selene, Couldent agree more,He is nothing but a social climer, he has been out with Elvis Grandaughter also, Kate Perry, his fitness trainer,and then what luck,,he arranges to meet Dylan Penn,daughter of a famous star,who to RPutz mind can put in a good word for him,he is such a two faced creep,to be hoped Dylan finds out before long what a moody bastared he is.The thing is he cant act, What seems so unfair he keeps up a glowing front,while he has just about ruined K.S. life.There has to be some justice some where.I hope he stuffs up and Sean Penn gives him the boot out the back door.With RPutz ego he most likely thinks he can out smart Penn.

@ crossfire72

hahahaha social climber . Rob is more popular than all these women allegedly connected to him. stop actinglike a butthurt krisbian oopppss you are a buthurt krisbian .your idol is a cheater so stop blaming Rob for destroying your Robsten delusinal fantasy


I'm really getting tired of all the "poor Kristen" reports. She has been described as miserable about every single thing Rob says and does and people he sees. She was devastated in L.A., but going to Europe would be easier for her. Good actors to work with and importing a big wad of close friends and sightseeing made her feel better and recover from Rob. But wait! Rob is hanging out with a cornucopia of women, some of which Kristen actually knows! Oh, the pain! It's like "The Perils of Pauline". What a bunch of c**p!

@ Seth Aicklen

you sounds like Rob dumped your cheating azz. ddid it help aRobs career being friend with Riley, katy or any woman he was associated with?get a life . theresno more Robsten. your idol had ruined it for you when she was caught letting a married man. Rupert grind her azz in public/you are accussing Rob with upr bias op[inion




Well Kristen - time heals all things. No doubt poor Dylan will learn her lessons too! You are better off without the alcoholic whore!

@ Hilary

alcoholic whore? you feed yourself with too much crap form the tabloid trash.your idol is a tramp who was caught dryhumping a married man. why do you think Rob dumped her? she is a cheater so don't compare a decent woman like Dylan to your cheating idol

@ Hilary

@ Hilary Good one. Seth comment sure took a lot of thought.also lulu.I guess they are fans of the RPUTZ and his EGO.At least he wasent voted the sexiest man this year,someone with talent won it instead. Dylan is no doubt seeing his moody side tonight.One thing he cant do is act,so with a bit of luck all his sucking up wont get him any where,he will end up as just someones son in law. What was his name again? Wasent he in Twilight or something?

@ Hilary

Takes one to know one.

@ Hilary

wow Hilary what a nice little comment you wrote filled with slander.


we get our chanche, kris..................

@ abe

Hang in there Kris,you have paid a very high price for knowing a slime bag.You did wrong but as time goes on RPutz colour is showing through. His acting wont win him any Oscar,maby a wodden spoon.

@ crossfire72

what she did was just not a simple mistake she helped a married man wrecked his family .hahaha too much buthurt in your part. your idol ruined your Robsten fanyasy so stop acting like Rob dumped your cheating azzz


None of the home wreckers business. It isn't like they swore a vow of marriage.


and the source is nick frenkel-rob manager

@ kally

@ Roy How would you know? You visited often and kept in touch by phone.


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@ rafiwolfe

Your link didn't turn out right, but that's OK. Comments like yours do not belong here. Go away.