Kris Jenner to Khloe Kardashian: Date Drake!

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Kris Jenner allegedly has a plan.

It's already been documented that she wants Khloe Jenner to divorce Lamar Odom - and now sources tell In Touch Weekly that Kris already has a man lined up for her daughter: Drake!

The tabloid says Jenner is sick and tired of Khloe dating "jerks" and that Drake would be ideally suited for the role of Khloe's next suitor.

He's single, he needs to move on himself from Rihanna and he'd keep Khloe relevant, that's for sure. Learn more in this report and then vote below...



Who cares? She will do anything for ratings! This whole.Ktrash Klan need to go away!


Kris Jenner, should leave Rihanna's name out of it. Kris wants DRAKE for herself people read between the lines. I remember at one point kris j said that oh how she loved lamar and the makes this comment that lamar was DELISHES (what type of a comment a mother in law to make at her daughters man and I wonder what did kris j was thinking when she made such a comment. It sound fishy to and what was it suppose to mean)? Kris jenner keep stepping over so many boundaries she will make the wrong person or persons MAD and she will be pushing up daisy. Give it time kris j has many many enemies among the Hollywood Elites and they are not about the stupid drama that kris jenner sends out. The kardashians must really need some story lines because these stories are so far fetch and so ridiculous when kris already knows that lamar and khloe are meeting in LONDON in secret.OK think about it. Khloe is leaving for London to do whatever and lamar cancelled all his appointiments supposingly even the meeting with his beloveth children. Now kris jenner is still doing damage control on one hand but on another is still trying to make lamar look like an unfit father. Kris needs to watch herself she will anger the wrong person one day and it will be a WRAP for her. Stay tune.


Poor Drake. First Amanda B.and now this crap. Run Drake, run!!


American Women are the laughing stock of the world.Everyone knows that you are known to be the prostitutes of the earth.Ms Kris Jenner is the mother of harlots,she has a vagina full of maggots like her daughters"Kim,Khloe,Kendall and Kylie.You women are the reason that asian women not date asian man,your men leave you behind to take ours


I think one f the reasons are so hated is that rags just make up crap, and dull witted believe it.


They sure love those black diks in those massive pelvises don't they?

@ Roy

2 things to consider:The black mans favorite color is prison orange.The avg bm has never met a 250lb white girl that they didn't like.


No offense but maybe she should give up on the black guys. Just saying, the only Kardashian sister who has had any success in a relationship is with a white man.

@ Hellion

well,women like the kardashhoes have no choice but to date 'gers-95%of the white guys in america refuse to touch tainted merchandise

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