Kourtney Kardashian to Michael Girgenti: Shut the Eff Up!

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Kourtney Kardashian has a very simple message for Michael Girgenti:

Zip it... OR ELSE!

Following years of this male model claiming he was the real father of Mason Dash Disick, Kardashian got a DNA test done in August that proved the toddler is stuck with Scott Disick as a dad.

But Girgenti has continued to scoff at these results and keeps issuing threats to Kourtney, telling her that he'll only shut up about Mason's paternity if she pays him some serious cash.

And Kourtney simply isn't taking it anymore.

TMZ has obtained a cease-and-desist letter written by Kardashian's lawyer, Shawn Holley, that makes it clear to Girgenti: end this extortion plot or face a lawsuit.

The letter also points out that Girgenti knows he's a liar, considering he failed a polygraph live on television.

Seriously, Michael. It's hard to make Scott Disick look good, but you're doing a bang up job of it. Just go away.


that whole family have milked and stolen they need to be turned into the fbi and investigated. hasnt old hag jenna created a church to avoid taxes. hasnt khloe and her side kick stolen from the charity account. i bet not a penny has been returned. didnt kom steal from her old employer. now this is filth that needs to be investigated.


Kourtney should turn Michael Girgenti into the FBI for trying to extort money out of her, it is illegal, and she should put an end to him harrassing and stalking her.


How was this DNA taken? Did she do it herself? Do a legal one. Have the courts handle it. They will take DNA from Dash, Scott and Michael. If she did it on her own and not thru the courts it is not legal. Why is she refusing to do a court ordered DNA. Case closed and he would have no further claims. Makes you wonder why.


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