Kitten Plays with Wagging Dog Tail, Internet Collectively Melts

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A couple of morons went to a Halloween party this week dressed as Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman. It was clearly the most offensive thing ever.

So, to make us feel better about life, we've posted a vide of the cutest thing ever. No, not babies laughing at dogs. Although that's a very close second.

In the following video, a kitten is fascinated by a dog's wagging tail, as it continually moves back and forth at fast speed and the feline can't get enough of this friendly action.

The dog seems okay with it, too, much to the happiness of the owner/camerawoman. It's adorable stuff. We've watched the footage 12 times today already:


That is a nice cat and dog story for Halloween. The major news channels have a different one today of a man in Florida who had a filthy house with 37 filthy cats, and they have just arrested him to be put in the mental institution.

@ Kimye T

mydog just had puppeys