Kim Kardashian vs. Anastasia Ashley: Swimsuit Showdown!

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It's not to easy for Kim Kardashian to simply pose in a bathing suit anymore.

The reality star posted a sexy selfie to Instagram this week and immediately received a flood of backlash from those who believed she acted way inappropriately for a mother.

Now, a 26-year old pro surfer named Anastasia Ashley has challenged the reality star to a swimsuit showdown, simulating Kim's seductive pose with one of her own and pretty much forcing us to ask:

Which brunette pulls off her look better? Kim or Anastasia, who would you rather see without her bathing suit on?

And the Winner is?

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Kim looks amazing... She doesnt have to arch her back to make her booty look big.

Paul gary

Not the sexy ass. See Kelly Clarkson for her sexy photo


Kim's enormous ass is almost as big as her ego.

@ Repeter

Sorry but that's impossible.



Avatar is still my secret love, folks.


Did Anastasia have a baby recently? If not, she is a complete dingbat for calling a new mother out.

@ molly

Notice Kate today?

@ Roy

You are aware that women have different natural body types, right? Though not knowing your age or your experience level, maybe you don't.


I can't decide. They both look nasty.



@ K.K. Fan

Big fat wobbly pork chop ass

@ Roy

Retard, dumbfuck insane in the membrane hillbilly hick.

@ Fenty

hillbilly is a racist term did you know that. maybe you need an attitude adjustment. I don't have to wonder what your ethnicity is do I.

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