Kim Kardashian Talks Weight Critics, Swimsuit Selfie, Extending "Middle Finger to the World"

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Kim Kardashian came out of hiding on The Tonight Show yesterday.

Sorry, correct: the reality star was never in hiding. That was one of the topics she addressed with Jay Leno.

In an interview that covered topics such as her engagement to Kanye West and her daughter Nori, Kim started by saying she's lost 50 pounds - but struggled for awhile with those who criticized her pregnant figure.

"It really hurt my soul," she said of the critics. "It changed how I am in the public a little bit...There were these stories where I was, like, 200 pounds. I was gaining weight because I was pregnant and it was really hard to read all these stories and hear all these nasty things."

So, no, Kim says. She wasn't hiding out because she was ashamed. She just wanted to stay focused and remain a positive person.

"I just wanted to kinda adjust my life a little bit because why would I subject myself to so much negativity, especially now that I have a daughter? I just didn't need that energy, I'd rather be in a happy place at home...I've definitely tried to live more of a private life because of that, because they were so nasty. Why even go out as much just to put yourself in that position?"

That's a fair point.

Kim Kardashian on The Tonight Show

But Kim also released a sexy swimsuit selfie two weeks ago. How does that fit into her desire to be more private?

"I was trying on a bathing suit and I actually just sent that to my boyfriend and I was like, "Babe, can I post this up?'" she told Jay Leno. "This is like my big middle finger to the world on everyone that called me fat."

Showing off her 15-carat engagement ring, Kim said Kanye did "the best ever" in picking it out and reiterated again how shocked she was by his proposal.

When and where might the wedding take place? The summer of 2014 seems like a strong possibility. As does "someplace Parisian," Kardashian says.

  • Kim Kardashian See-Through Dress
  • Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring Photo

"I don't think we've even had the right time to sit down and talk about it," she added. "I think I'm enjoying just being engaged and I think we're gonna get through his tour and then really talk about when and where and all that...

"I got pregnant when we were in Italy. Maybe Italy? We haven't even talked about it... Maybe I'll pick the place and then he can plan it."

Kim also confirmed that she'll be taking the last name West. It's a family thing.

"I'm probably going to have Kardashian as my middle name and then West... .My daughter has the last name West and we're a family so I want [my last name] to definitely be West."

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What's wrong with American is people like you who judge everyone else. Don't read the story if you have negative thoughts or pass judgement on others. Im sure you have a job go do it instead of reading this


The people whom pay this sleaze attention are apart of the problem this country has. The "journalists" who cover this shit, are even worse. Write something worth reading, or find something else to do. You only add to the ignorance and stupidity that define this country worldwide.


Good for her. She looks really great. Best of luck with everything.

@ Simon

She looks like trash.

@ Jason

She looks like a cow.