Kim Kardashian Nude T-Shirt: Donned by Kanye West!

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Apparently Kanye West has no problem with other folks seeing Kim Kardashian nude.

Following Kim Tweeting yesterday that she "can't wait for tonight's #YeezusTour," the rapper went ahead and showed his affection for the reality star… by donning a very revealing t-shirt:

It features Kardashian donning a beaded necklace - and nothing else. See for yourself in this video:

Kanye kicked off his seven-week North American tour last night in Seattle and Kim is expected to accompany her man on many of the dates.

She'll be bringing five-month old daughter North West along with her on the trip.

"Kim is definitely coming to at least several of Kanye's tour dates," an insider tells E! News. "And she's going to bring Nori. She's really looking forward to it."

Kardashian, meanwhile, showed off her own body this week.

Clearly feeling very confident in her new post-baby figure, the former Playboy centerfold teased both her man and her fans with a very sexy selfie.

The pose did, however, leave her open to criticism from those who believe a mother should not act in such a publicly seductive manner. Where do you stand on Kim's new bathing suit photo?

It is...


Money they do have, class they don't and no matter what, it is and will be who they are the 'nouveau rich' !! they do not know how to act! they so belong together.. a jackass and a porn star and escort and playboy cover girl and whatever else we do not know about. Poor North she will be a joke at school. MB


She can wear what she wants.Kim seems confident and secure with the picture and Kanye's not complaining.And were is the rule book to what a mother should or shouldn't wear.Besides their daughter will be expose to more then this picture.


What a classy guy! They deserve each other.this is totally tasteless promotion.


Congratulations Kanye you are voted Scum of the month,year ,of this world; you and kim; now how do you think your daughter is going to feel when she learn of you and kim's disrespectful atrocious be


Very Classy Kanye ; now how do you think your daughter will feel when she sees this, not to mention the other coumtless despicable acts from both you and kim!


WHO is stupid enough to buy their shit?? I don't know anyone who does. Probably ppl in Germany who like David hasslehoof...
His jaw is fucked up!


no taste?


I think the dude has no respect for his baby mama plus he's as much a media whore as she is. He just want to do it on his terms. It's a good thing he has money because he has absolutely nothing else going for him. I feel sorry for Kim. She picked a loser in this one.


He don't love her if he is okay with her showing off her body to the world. And for him to do it just shows the respect and love he has for her..... Absolutely NONE!!!


It's always possibly that this ugly MF'er doesn't realize that everyone (but me) has seen her in a porn flick. WTF walks around with a revealing picture of his wife on a T Shirt. What someone needs to tell his (cornbread) eating ass is we don't envy him or her we laugh at them.

@ Sims

Funny how you never did answer....

@ Sims

She's not his wife, she's his baby mama.

@ Really!!!

Probably going to be 1 out of 3.

@ Sims

What's with all the thinly veiled racial talk. Is that how you really are....a bigot? Or are you mad at our last talk?

@ K.

Don't mistake "pause" for avoidance. Racial-bigot , yadda yadda yadda. You know what I've noticed? A black will never call out another black! That's one thing I've noticed. Just look at him, look at his behavior, look at what he really REPRESENTS! This guy walks around trash talking the White Man EVERY GOD DAMN time his records sales drop. You won't catch me trashing Will Smith or being a bigot to Jada Pinckett or many others. He deserves it- he jerks and microphone out of Taylor Swifts hand... did he learn? NO! He calls Bush a racist during Katrina? Does he learn.. NO! He even pulls the "My Grand Parent" died during the fight at the airport. I'm baffled shitless as to why you can't see what he is all about. He brings nothing to the table but a spoon to stir up shit. Jesus..... Look at who it's aimed at before you play THE CARD!

@ @K

Spot on.

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