Kim Kardashian Doesn't "Qualify" for Hollywood Walk of Fame, Spokeswoman Says

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Kanye West believes Kim Kardashian should receive a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He made that clear during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel this week.

But Ana Martinez, the spokeswoman for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, doesn't exactly agree with the rapper.

"We don't have reality stars on the Walk of Fame," Martinez says.

"We don't have a category for it. We're happy to consider reality stars once they get nominated for, or win, an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar."

This, of course, begs the question:

Has Martinez seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!? That's some top-notch acting right there!

But it's evidently not good enough for the organization behind handing out these honors, as Martinez concluded when asked about Kim:

"We'll consider [reality stars] when they're legitimate actors or singers."

Sigh. This means more Tyler Perry films for Kardashian, doesn't it?

"I know he loves her, and it's all very sweet," Martinez said of West. "But she doesn't qualify."

But SHOULD she? You tell us: Should Kim Kardashian receive a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame?


I say compromise. Give her the star but put it in the gutter. That should please everyone.

Lupita diaz
@ Dave

Dave. I think you've hit the nail on the head. Perfect place for the 'ho.


LOL Kanye West still running his mouth and oh how Kim wishes she could get a star. An A-list star she is not ok, but what is more important is instead of running his mouth on kim getting a Star. Kanye needs to stay focus on his DAMAGE CONTROL Video's lying and talking to the paps as if he is this changed man who is innocent on his attack against the paps it was self defense yea right. Kanye is going to court in November for assault charges and all he is doing is trying to retract his behavior in every video,media,tabloids and talk show. America knows the real Kanye West, and he will always be that hidden anger man who goes ballistic on the paps on any given moment for no reasons when they are just asking him question. Remember asking question can not do bodily harm only when the attacker takes matters into his own hands and attack. Kanye West feels he is above the law remember he walked the first time,he walked the second time, now it's the third time Will Kanye West walk Free again.Hmm Stay tune The question "WILL KANYE WEST, WALK WITH A SLAP ON HIS HAND AND BE GIVEN A PASS FROM THE COURTS IN NOVEMBER TO GO ON his up coming TOUR" OR WILL HE BE SPENDING HIS TOUR TIME IN JAIL BEHIND THE BARS OF NO RETURN.?HMM It will be interesting to see how this ends and how our legal system will decide on kanye west FATE.


You can't just start handing out Hollywood Walk of Fame stars just because someone is well known. That would be a HUGE slap in the face to actors who have rightfully earned them. Kanye really needs to go take a long walk off a short cliff.

@ Cassidy

here here


No category for it? No kidding! Maybe the Chamber doesn't realize he's from Chicago- maybe that's it because being from Chicage sounds like a big fu*king deal- that's if you are from Chicago. It is hard to imagine though....... These 2 sacks of "nut sweat" have been bullshitting people the world over yet they can't pull this off! F*ck it! This is grounds for discrimination, at least that's what it sounds to me like. Somebody call Al (I look like shit) Sharpton. These 2 have been through so much, what with the grandfather dying (throw down excuse #33) not to mention Kim trying to get Khloe back N tha Saddle with OJ or Adrian Peterson or anyone as long as the MF'er is Black! So much to do..... So little time! Anyway..... I will see to it she always has a star...... Right in the crack of my ass.

@ Sims

@Sharon- try to keep up. Unless you have been in a coma then you should know about Chicago. Angry? No- maybe the truth when served cold is what sets you back.

@ Sims

1. He did not say he wanted a Star, he said he wanted Kim to have one.
2. What does Chicago have to do with this? Kim is not from Chicago. She's from Los Angeles.
3. You sound like a very angry person. You better temper that anger before you explode.


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