Kim Kardashian Doesn't "Qualify" for Hollywood Walk of Fame, Spokeswoman Says

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Kanye West believes Kim Kardashian should receive a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame. He made that clear during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel this week.

But Ana Martinez, the spokeswoman for the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce, doesn't exactly agree with the rapper.

"We don't have reality stars on the Walk of Fame," Martinez says.

"We don't have a category for it. We're happy to consider reality stars once they get nominated for, or win, an Emmy, a Grammy, an Oscar."

This, of course, begs the question:

Has Martinez seen Keeping Up with the Kardashians?!? That's some top-notch acting right there!

But it's evidently not good enough for the organization behind handing out these honors, as Martinez concluded when asked about Kim:

"We'll consider [reality stars] when they're legitimate actors or singers."

Sigh. This means more Tyler Perry films for Kardashian, doesn't it?

"I know he loves her, and it's all very sweet," Martinez said of West. "But she doesn't qualify."

But SHOULD she? You tell us: Should Kim Kardashian receive a star on The Hollywood Walk of Fame?


Is there ever going to be an end of these talentless, crude, self-entitled, sleazy people? The whole Ktrash Klan's ride of 15min can be summed up in 2 words!! "Sex tape"! This is their claim to fame, and they have the unmitigated gall to campaign for a star on the walk of fame? Hey Kanye... Line your billion dollar driveway in 22kt gold stars for your baby mama, arsehole!!


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i didnt see kim's tape. doesn't she get it up the butt?


Delusional individuals.


..............squinting Kany, the genius? WHOHAhahahahahahahahaha!!


She doesn't deserve a star. Did u not read the reps comments. The walk of fame is for "legitimate" actors. U call that thrash she and her family does on tv legitimate acting. Its all sleazy filth. That doesn't deserve an emmy or oscar so y the hell would u put it next to such great names as sandra meryl streep, sandra bullock etc. She isn't academy award winning and she shouldn't b there coz she's rich that's an insult to all those talented stars that actually worked their asses off to get there and also those other talented ones who r good but just not great enough to get an emmy or oscar


I believe that she should, because she is Super Famous... & It should be a reward given to her for having to deal with da paps all up her ass every dang second.. & Also!! The star should actually say "The Kardashians" because the whole family are stars..

@ China Starr

you're obviously a in the 6th grade


Kanye West is a stupid loud mouth guy that think he is the god, he thinks he rule the world, he love his own voice and praise himself only he only is his own audience, This man is so insecure and so self centred. He makes people laugh the minute he opens his big smelly mouth!

@ My+Thoughts

Your are absolutely right I can't stand him at all and she's just as attention hungry as he is they both think the world evolves around them walk of fame? The real old holly wood actors and actresses would turn in there graves at the thought of even mentioning her for that honor


She only talented when she is in bed doing her sex tape with guys!! And having her mother fully supported her and her family totally back her up!! That kind of so call 'Talent' is disgraced!!

@ My+Thoughts

I hear she has no talent there either.

@ Sharon

Lol you are also correct the tape was wack lol


kim k is a whore. since when do they give stars to porn actors?


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