Kim Kardashian: Does She Deserve a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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Kanye West thinks his baby mama doesn't get the respect she deserves.

It was somewhat lost among his rambling to Jimmy Kimmel about being weird and inappropriate and being from Chicago refusing to follow the rules of society... but 'Ye made it clear:

Kim Kardashian deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kim Kardashian West

For her fashion line? Her perfume? The Kim Kardashian sex tape with Ray J? West didn't specify - and he's clearly a tad biased when it comes his baby mama.

But let's open this up for debate, readers:

The Walk of Fame stars are described as "permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry." Would Kim therefore qualify?

They bear the names of of actors, musicians, directors, producers, even fictional characters.

There's really not set sect within which must fall in order to be considered, which does help Kim's case... considering she doesn't act, sing or produce.

Neil Armstrong has a star, for example ... and so do The Backstreet Boys.

It's quite a diverse group. Does Kim Kardashian belong? VOTE NOW:

Should she receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


Her butt deserves a star

George greer

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@ George Greer

I wanna do that!


It is so hard to write and laugh my head off at the same time. What separates her from all of the other "please look at me naked" white girls who put their sex tape out for public consumption (with mama's help) and then become a baby mama for a black guy who thinks he is a "genius". THEY deserve each other, but "we" shouldn't have to put up with them. Hey genius, go beat up a photog so that you can look like all of the other "geniuses" in the hood.

@ Supershell

Why don't you stop being an elitist racist. She doesn't deserve a star on the Hollywood walk of fame because she hasn't done legitimate Tv or movie work that equals to at least 1000 hours or so. But if she were to get off the reality Tv bandwagon and get some acting classes get good parts then maybe. It would depend on how serious she or Kanye want it. I wouldn't bet on it either way personally. But my question to you SuperShell is why are you making it about race? Wouldn't that make you a bigot? Answer Yes. Shame on you.

@ Unamused

"White girl", "Black guy", "Geniuses in the hood" - could you be anymore racist??? Not sure why that was pertinent information to the question of rather she should get a star or not, but whatever floats your boat. Your ignorance makes your opinion on ANYTHING null and void. No one cares what idiots think so shut the hell up!


NO NO NO NO NO!!!! Seriously, what has she done to deserve a Hollywood star? Is she an academy award winner?? Not even close! This talentless fame whore does NOT deserve a star.

@ Alecia

You hate her cause you ain't her. You're sad jealous and pathetic.

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