Kim Kardashian: Does She Deserve a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

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Kanye West thinks his baby mama doesn't get the respect she deserves.

It was somewhat lost among his rambling to Jimmy Kimmel about being weird and inappropriate and being from Chicago refusing to follow the rules of society... but 'Ye made it clear:

Kim Kardashian deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Kim Kardashian West

For her fashion line? Her perfume? The Kim Kardashian sex tape with Ray J? West didn't specify - and he's clearly a tad biased when it comes his baby mama.

But let's open this up for debate, readers:

The Walk of Fame stars are described as "permanent public monuments to achievement in the entertainment industry." Would Kim therefore qualify?

They bear the names of of actors, musicians, directors, producers, even fictional characters.

There's really not set sect within which must fall in order to be considered, which does help Kim's case... considering she doesn't act, sing or produce.

Neil Armstrong has a star, for example ... and so do The Backstreet Boys.

It's quite a diverse group. Does Kim Kardashian belong? VOTE NOW:

Should she receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?


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When she does something worthwhile perhaps Kanye can go back on Kimmel and try selling this again.


What's wrong with you people? What kim did to you? She's beatiful and glamorous,one of the sexiest,hottest bodies today!,sucessfull, a reality star,she does do charity work and even though she is conceited, overall she is a good person and kind. She's never killed anybody or done any grave wrong. It won't affect anyone's lives here any if she gets one or not. So why all the hate for this woman you don't even know?


For what being a ho

@ Barbara

I agree. If you have your own reality show and haven't killed anybody, you should have a star.


she doesn't deserve a star on the wall in a bathroom on a highway in the desert with turds floating the toilet


NO, but the Wall of Fame has lost some crediablity is my book. When Paula Abdul can get a star before Marvin Gaye, Lionial Richie, and Clint Eastwood, that proves that star is no more than something someone paid for.


More like a star on the "Walk of Shame."


No, the Hollywood walk of fame is for people with talent, not some stupid bitch who got famous because of a sex tape. Her only talent is BJs and taking it up the ass!


Believe me if kim kard tries to get herself a star she would be boycotted so big time. In Hollywood there are so many more who would be worthing of such an award, not judging kim but what has she actually brought good to America other than a baby called NWTTHP (Nori-seaweed/nickname)not attacking the innocent baby. Kim would get boycotted and her feelings would be big time CRUSHED.


Yes- look at this Mudshark and the mud minnow with her. His freaking jaw bone has its own social security number.


Mr. West can put his own star at the back garden and let Ms Kardashian to open ceremony herself LOL! What a joke these two really belong to each other!