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No it want last how many marriages in hollywood you know that last especially the ones that have gotten married since 2000's have started no one, I hope she proves us wrong like Whiteny and Bobby did they were married for 15 years but Kim and UGLY want make it 5 years if they make it two that will be amazing. Good luck anyway.


I wish them nothing but joy & happiness!


.......Kim......What a friggin Slut/Pig!!!...hope her father is proud of her!!!

Kanye....the same Kanye who was soooo braindead as to walk on stage and say..." You don't deserve this award"!!!....another "Drain Surgeon"!!!

They deserve a long , long, loooooong life together~~!!!!

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@ Michael Stone

Kayne is he on medication for mood stablizer Xanax 💊or something if not he needs to be. Kim her whorish ways will take kayne's money💰 after she is done with him. I think she will pop out another baby
Then she will be done with him.
You know kayne's mother must be turning over in her grave. She would not have cared for Kim at all. He is stupid marrying her. She is trying to look like Beyoncé with blonde hair which does not look good on her at all. Black was better. Kayne must wanted her to go blonde because that is the closest that he is going to get to a Caucasian girl. The other girl he dated
Amber Rose 🌹had blonde short hair, she is beautiful. Kim😤😩

@ Megan+B

Michael & Megan, you two
make the K's look like the
Brady Bunch.You two should
hook up up & bring your lucky
kids up in that pungent atmosphere of small- minded,
confused, envious hatred.


Hell yes it will last. Kanye aint wifing that shit up for no reason when he coulda had it for free.

@ Marrv


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