Khloe Kardashian to Kash In On Lamar Odom Will, Eschew Divorce?

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There may be a new twist in the Khloe Kardashian-Lamar Odom saga.

According to TMZ sources, the reality star is set to divorce her basketball player of a husband. She's met with attorneys, she told loved ones, she's sick of being treated poorly by Lamar.

HOWEVER, Khloe is reportedly the sole beneficiary of Odom's life insurance policy.

She is also at the center of Odom's will, which means she stands to inherit millions of dollars someway.

Is this why Khloe is yet to pull the divorce trigger? Not necessarily.

Insiders don't believe Kardashian is solely motivated by money and reiterate that she fears Odom will overdose or cause harm do himself if she goes through with the split.

But the simple truth is that A LOT of money is at stake and that is something Khloe can't help but consider.

Lamar, meanwhile, is supposedly clean, sober, wanting to play for the Lakers again and looking good these days.

Should Khloe divorce him?


U are all disgusting she is divourcing him as she should take out that they are rich and famous would any of you stick with someone who did this to you as for her ruining his career well that's not true she didn't tell him to appear for a show she didn't make him cheat and take drugs if you actully watched the shows you would see that she is upset and tried to make it but he never appeared to be interested in any support he would rather listen to his friend jamie who helped with this stuff and we never actually saw what was happening behind the scenes the divource is happening as khole bought justin bieber house and is planing on taking out of the skatebord room so obvi she means business but she still cares about him as she still makes sure that he is ok by checking on him. Name another person who would that to an Ex.


why would she get the money and not his kids..his kids should be his center


Way to couch questions. We can see who is paying off this website the KK's. Lamar is to divorce Chewy chewbaca. She ruined his playing with the Lakers due to the Lakers thinking the reality show was a distraction. Which it was. When he wouldn't play ball they smeared his name in every paid off media website all quoting TMZ which in court was already proved to be in contract with the Kardashians. This pig of a family went as far as to go on Lamar's twitter and attack his elderly father for defending his son. They are the only ones with his twitter password Lamr said it on the show. I doubt this story is true either I am sure his kids are provided for and Khole has since been written out of any will. Meanwhile Lamar is going to be picked up by the Lakers and WILL divorce Khole. Thank God ! I hope he sues TMZ for defamation of character and takes Khole Kardashian to court and humiliates her.


she will do a Miss Piggy-immitation if "Jim Henson" could ak her to.

@ abe

Shut up Abraham!

@ My Two Cents.....

She is waiting to file for divorce waiting to see if he is picked up by NBA. $$$$

@ carol roach

Now that's plausible.

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