Khloe Kardashian Discovers Lamar Odom Drug Stash, Berates Husband as a "Liar"

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Has the clock finally run out for Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom?

TMZ reports that Lamar Odom stopped by the couple's Tarzana home Tuesday - the same home Khloe is ready to put on the market - to pick up clothing and speak to his estranged wife.

The basketball star said he's been sober for a few days now and plans on remaining that way… without the help of rehab.

This wasn't what Khloe wanted to hear. She reportedly responded in anger, telling Odom he's living in denial and clearly needs professional assistance and she doesn't want anything to do with him until he's part of an in-patient program..

Then it got REALLY bad.

The same source tells the site that Kardashian actually found a pipe with a stash that appeared to look like crack in a baggie.

It may have been on Lamar, it may have been in the items he was taking from the house, but Khloe flipped out either way.

She called her husband a "liar" and said simply: "I'm done with you." Kardashian then tossed Odom - who seemed "out of it," this insider somehow claims - from their former home.

Khloe is yet to take any legal steps toward divorce, but she apparently said herself of this latest incident: It "was the last straw."

Can you blame her?


this is a product of interracial dealing; they are not close, he can't control himself, because he is confused about his color


Who knows what the actual truth is and who cares.


It seems to me from the pictures from yesterday khloe and lamar standing on the balcony did not seem bitter towards each other at all. All but yet another publicity stunt for the streamline of stories to keep coming in for the reality show. The holidays are coming up rapidly and I see a reconciliation between the two (for the show). Until khloe signs those divorce papers signed,sealed and delivered it is the kardashians spreading all of this gossip just to stay revelent. The Kardashians time is about to be a serious Wrap real soon and ninja mommager Kris is working on over load.


yes she is she needs to stick by her husband to death do ya part and stop acting cause u cant.

@ sarah randolph

Not really. If he wants help from you then you give it to him, if not kick his ass to the curb.


khlo is LYING again, folks!!

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