Khloe Kardashian: Afraid Divorce Will Trigger Lamar Odom Suicide

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According to a new report, Khloe Kardashian is afraid to divorce Lamar Odom.

Because she's afraid of being alone? No.

Because she's afraid Odom will kill himself.

On this week's episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Khloe was shown talking to her distant husband, who she said was in a "deep low."

She also noted that Odom was very depressed and going through many emotional issues. While she wouldn't get into it, the implication was obvious.

The episode, of course, was filmed many weeks ago and Lamar's problems - with drugs and other women - have only spiraled out of control ever since.

Now, an insider confirms to TMZ that an official split between Khloe and Lamar is "inevitable," but Kardashian is worried about the timing and the effect it will have on an already-fragile Odom.

Quite simply, she fears he will overdose or somehow commit suicide if the couple were to divorce.

There are no plans in the immediate future for a divorce to take place, as Khloe has put her life on hold in order to help Lamar.

But at some point she must put herself first. It's just unclear when that will that will take place and, unfortunately, what the emotional fallout will be for all involved.


I hope he doesn't consider that. nothing is worth doing that, and especially all this drama. I hope he knows that and tells her to just shut the heck up


Lamar is not going to commit Suicide if that was the case he would have by now. Publicity stunt once again and so many LIES to for the show to stay revelent. Check out the other sites it is a mess on how the scripts on this khloe and lamar cheating/drugs stories are so over rated. The kardashians will do and say anything. It stated on another site mto khloe is dating the game and his brother.LOL It is just to many lies who really cares at this point. In my opinion khloe still has her secrets and to be quite honest I would not be surprise at all to find out that khloe has been the game's side kick for awhile now. Who really knows the truth but the kardashian clan who live their lives by LIES,DECEIT and everything EVIL. Maybe by getting with the game he and kanye can perform together, I wonder how would that go over with kanye west. The game has Game,(old school) I am not to sure about Kanye west.He thinks he's God and has anger management issues. Maybe this is why Lamar is keeping his distant from khloe because khloe has been cheating all the long with the game on lamar. The truth will come sooner than later. I will continue my prayers for Lamar while going through these hard times which I seriously doubt big time all of this drama has been scripted out to the very END. Stay tune.Remember it is only an opinion, wishing all a wonderful and blessed day.Peace.


hahahahahahahaha, good excuse, FAKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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