Kendall Jenner: Did She Undergo Plastic Surgery?

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A new debate has arisen around the soon-to-be 18-year-old Kendall Jenner.

And it doesn't have to do with the model's racy Instagram photos for once.

Based on a recent selfie in which Kendall looks eerily like Kim Kardashian, Fox News is asking:

“Is Kendall Jenner trying to give herself a trout pout? Has the quest for Hollywood fame turned a teen beauty to surgical enhancements?"

To be clear, Fox goes on to quote doctors who have never operated on Kendall or even seen her in person.

They should likely have their medical licenses revoked for gossiping at random about a teenager.

But the photos above, and below, do raise questions, to say the least.

It looks like a different person when compared to the 2012 image.

Don't you think?

Kendall Jenner on Instagram
Kendall Jenner in 2012

According to Gossip Cop sources, Jenner was simply donning gloss that pumps up the lips for a photo shoot and an insider close to the star labels all plastic surgery talk as "ridiculous."

As a celebrity gossip site, though, we must ask you, THGers:

Do you think Kendall Jenner has undergone plastic surgery?


she looks like a skinny kim


To Each, His Own.
I can say that the way she has Her mouth positioned and the Shiny gloss can make Your lips look bigger. Thats why Ladies tend to hold their mouths slightly open or do the Zoolander Pose.


Whore........gotta look good for her future buyer


Well she keeps it up she will end up looking like Coco at 34 years old!


Holy cow! She looks just like Kim :O


Its obviously lip plump and a good pout

@ fjjjggvb



it's pouting, the angle and lip gloss you freakin idiots.

@ amyjane



I've used lip plumping gloss and the changes is slight. Either way though, she's seriously pumped up.


I want to know the brand name of the lip gloss!!!!!


She's got some kind of lip plumper situation going on doesn't she? She should stop now while she's ahead!

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