Katharine McPhee Dating Michael Morris; Both Married to Other People

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Singer-actress Katharine McPhee and Michael Morris, a director on her former show Smash, are together, despite both being married to other people.

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Michael Morris is married to actress Mary McCormack (The West Wing, In Plain Sight) and the duo has three young daughters together, ages 2, 6 and 9.

Katharine McPhee is married to producer Nick Cokas, 47, and has no kids. She had Nick, who wed in 2008, are separated and have been living apart.

It's unclear where Michael's relationship with Mary stands, but since he was kissing Katharine in broad daylight in L.A. the other day, it can't be great.

None of the parties involved have commented on the relationship.


gross way for him to announce to his wife that he wanted out of his marriage,they didn't care who saw them , very uncaring /selfish /cruel attitudes, only thinking of themselves, both are unknowns, but Mary is great, so sorry this happened to her, but she is a strong person and can kick some butt, between her friends,& family these two Morris & Mcphee better watch out, their careers will be over...


Im a huge Koo fan! I met her in the past and she knows all about me! I've asked her out before too and we are the same age. I hope to try and ask her out again. She is the prettiest girl I ever met. I'd love to have my way with a chick like her! So glad shes getting a divorce!


Yikes, I know that she and Nick Cokas are separated but I don't think Morris is living apart from his wife, what a shame!! found more of them here http://dailyentertainmentnews....


Wow. What lovely people. Can only imagine what his poor wife is thinking after reading this. They won't find real happiness since you can't build a real relationship on the wreckage of a marriage gone bad with cheating.

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