Kate Middleton Plays Volleyball in Heels, Bares Midriff; UK Papers Have Collective Aneurysm

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Kate Middleton played some volleyball this morning in her third formal public appearance since giving birth at an East London event for the charity SportsAid.

The athletic Duchess is a patron for the organization, and she showed her affinity for sports again today in a Breton-style top, skinny jeans and five inch wedges.

At one point, Kate Middleton jumped and spiked, baring her midriff as she leapt for the ball, no doubt causing London’s tabloid editors to have heart palpitations.

Bump, set, spoke ... in sales!

Middleton's inadvertent stomach reveal showed it to be stunningly flat, with nary a sign that she was very pregnant less than three months ago.

Some women just make it look so easy.

The image comes on the heels of the Kim Kardashian Selfie Seen ‘Round The World that had Kanye West bragging he was HEADING HOME NOW.

Both moms have made it clear that their bodies have returned to their pre-baby versions. Even if one flaunts it on social media more than the other.

And by that, we mean all the time versus not at all.

Kim Kardashian promotes herself around the clock, while Kate leads a relatively normal life and just happens to have people photograph her her every second.

To each their own, right? It's a living.

In any case, in the celebrity gossip business, you don't often get your material gift-wrapped like this from someone so likable as well as beautiful.

Sporty, too? She's a keeper, William.


This young woman/princess has it all going on. She a star without trying, much like her late Mother in law. If you got you got it. She's got it all. Stop hating and enjoy.


Truly hideous photos. Obviously the event in her mind was just an opportunity to show off again, {exhibitionist for sure}and you KNOW that she did a lot of posing at home in the mirror first. She knew full well she'd be invited out on that court. Miss Tight Pants needs to grow up. And if I see wedgies one more time I might projectile vomit.


So waity was there to show her flat belly, or was it about the charity,......... TAKE A GUESS!! Waity will never ever and wont change, she sucks!!!!


So waity was there to show her flat belly, or was it about the charity,......... TAKE A GUESS!! Waity will and wont change, she sucks,


my next wife must look & act like her.


Wow, she's brave. Doing something like that in 5 inch heeled shoes?? I think I would've broken my neck trying. haha.

@ Tori

Not so much brave as demented. She's got mental problems -


Where are all the jerks saying "oh it's impossible- it must be photoshopped because a woman can't be 'that' thin after having a baby".... Blah blah...
She looks fantastic and classy!


So what? She's suppose to be a fucking nun now that she's a Mom? Fuck outta here with that! Let her be.

@ Kimberly

No but if for once she could show some dignity that would be stunning.

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