Kanye West to Kim Kardashian: No Plastic Surgery!!!

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Based on his reaction to the just-released Kim Kardashian swimsuit selfie, Kanye West likes his baby mama just the way she is.

And the rapper has reportedly made this especially clear to the reality star, telling her she will NOT be going under the knife for any plastic surgery procedures, no matter how unhappy she is with her post-baby body.

A Kimye Moment

For weeks, the self-conscious celebrity shunned her beloved spotlight because she didn't lose weight as quickly as she had hoped after giving birth to daughter North West.

But Kanye "flipped out," according to a Radar Online source, when Kim mentioned her desire to get plastic surgery.

“Kanye told Kim in no uncertain terms that she needed to put her baby and her life first,” the mole claims. “He got pretty emotional because he really didn’t want her going through that kind of major surgery. He’s still traumatized from his mom’s death.”

In 2007, Donda West passed away at the age of 58 after suffering “multiple post-operative factors” following a liposuction and breast-reduction procedure.

West was "devastated" by this tragedy and the insider says it's made him extra "protective of those he loves."

To Kim's credit, she understands and has refrained from getting anything done, apparently going on the Atkins Diet instead and upping her workout regimen.

When Kardashian says she looks fat, “Kanye just laughs," this friend says. “It’s pretty obvious he thinks she’s just being dramatic. He loves the way she looks.”

That much is clear based on his reaction to the following photo:


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