Kanye West Rants in Las Vegas: F-ck Racism! The Truth is Inside You!

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What fun is life if you don't talk shit, right?

So kicked off another epic Kanye West rant in Las Vegas last night, as the rapper made it clear that an engagement to Kim Kardashian has not mellowed his soul. Not one bit.

In Sin City to help Kardashian celebrate her 33rd birthday, West took to the stage and got himself nice and worked up over a number of topics, screaming about how no one can tell him how to act in an interview... and how tight jeans are stupid.

West also went off about racism, sharing stories about how mother got arrested during sit-ins when he was a child and how "clean water was only served to the fairer skin."

His main, loud message: F-CK RACISM!

West, of course, has ranted on stage on a number of past occasions. He once blasted corporations and he once said he's treated like Hitler.

In the second part of this outburst, though, Kanye espoused the "drug of Yeezus" and told everyone they are "constantly being lied to." But the truth is inside you, people. THE TRUTH IS INSIDE YOU!

Oh, he also donned a mask the entire time and concluded by raising a glass to the douchebags. Really, you need to watch:

Richard arsenault

F-ck Las Vegas! Back in the 1980's, when this town's mob influence was growing, the homeless, the thieves, and beggars, and the cheating dealers were dealt with accordingly. It became a "clean" and pretty unique tourist destination. Today, it is without exaggeration a disgusting and vile den of filth. And, interesting, more racist than ever against minorities, Kanye. I STRONGLY recommend that travelers who want gaming consider on-line or local venues. Travelers who want sun, well, with global warming that's easier than ever, but go anywhere but Vegas unless you want to be swarmed by the local maggots when you enter your jacuzzi or try to lay out. Travelers who want to avoid being robbed, you need to know that on every street corner in Vegas there are 2-3 homeless people who will approach you in your car without hesitation. The pharmacies or overridden by drug users and staff that get high on their own supply, apparently. The grocery stores are overrun with angry violent people. And, what was once sin city, is really now hell city in every possible way except the new bronze statues by the I-15(!) I have never been actually "stolen" from by a casino card dealer until I visited the Brazillian themed big casino on the other side of the strip. Too bad the pit boss didn't let me play back the tape which was a red-handed and coordinated effort and was physically impossible without physical theft on their part. That was after I got food poisoning the day before thanksgiving, and apparently only a team of young black athletes got feces- in their food on Thanksgiving, and the media quickly called it novo-virus instead of food poisoning. Nothing you will read is truthful about this hell city as it is almost all censored -- even the local's blogs to protect the "industry" here. It is a city about to die from on-line competition and a public that is too ill after being fleeced by big banks in 2008 and then by big healthcare to protect their multi-trillion dollar interests. So, unless you are seriously a meth or crack cocaine addict who plans on stealing and pan handling, do not even enter this horrible disgusting embarrassment of a State.


Why does Steve Harvey look like Clevland Brown ? I think it's a racist agenda . can't keep them black people straight . Al Roker Steve Harvey Cleveland Brown . Same person ????????


Jesus is a black man now ? Now I'm confused I thought he was a Jew . Damn . And he wraps?! Jesus you got some dark lips and big knuckle dragging hands


I will Pray for Kanye West I do not wish anything bad to happen to him. Enough is Enough I feel that the court system needs to show Kanye West, who once again is Ranting again about what nothing but the same Rants. Kanye west creates all of the hostility from people all over the world why because he believes he is GOD. God he is not and soon people will see what the POWER OF GOD WILL DO TO A PERSON WHO MOCKS HIM ON EVEN GIVEN MOMENT. Kanye court hearing is coming up in November I wonder is the judge presiding is taking NOTES in everything that kanye west is doing right now. Nothing but whole lot of crazy behavior as if he somewhat Bipolar and does needs to get into some type of Anger Management program. America is so tired of Kanye west,Kim kardashian and her wicked evil CURSED FAMILY. No there is not hate bone in my body and I am not judging.Peace Boycott everything kanye and kim kard/jenner girls in to touches.


No matter the amount of money or fame, you can't take the nigger out of most black males. It's in the marrow. No amount of time or understanding will release this. The truth is there but they cannot look in the mirror. It's a weakness. It gives them a cushion for the fall.

@ S

Omg . That's horrible ! I'm white and pretty and think that black people are pretty in their own way , as long as they stay 10 yards away from me . Daddy always says : stay the hell away from them colored boys sweetiepie . Not pregnant yet with a maloto baby yet ! Haaahaa daddy ! I win !

@ Kristalweaver

Your sorry ass might be white on the outside but that's it- pretty- not a chance. You are black boy pretty- the stinch Whoa


"F*ck Kanye West"sounds better...............


Very true. The truth lies within us.

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