Justin Bieber Weed Photo: Another in Existence?

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It was rumored back in February of this year: More Justin Bieber weed photos were on the way.

And one may now be making its way around the Internet.

An Instagram shot of Bieber with what appears to be a lit joint has gone viral - and, equally scandalous to some, Justin also looks to be sitting alongside Ariana Grande in the picture. See for yourself:

Justin Bieber Weed Pic

Sources close to the artists deny this is actually Grande - with whom Bieber has reportedly flirted - but it's seems impossible to deny this is an image of marijuana.

Bieber, of course, has been caught smoking pot in the past.

When photos first surfaced, Justin addressed the situation online and said he would make "better" decisions going forward. We've witnessed that not exactly be the case for some time now, however.

So you decide for yourself about this latest scandal, THGers:

Is the above picture truly of Justin Bieber smoking weed?


Even if this pic is not fake; I saw the same pic without the pot in his hand in one site, who cares. Why this obsession with trashing a kid doing what millions of kids are doing? Celebrities that have done much worse are honored in Hollywood such as the Rolling Stones, Amy Winehouse, Whitney Houston and others and Justin gets trashed over being possible seen with a joint. Is that all gossip sites can report these days? What about the numerous good things he does; oh, I forgot, the media is not interested.

@ ivan

You are right.The media is not interested in all the good Justin
does because trashing him attracts more readers who like to


Doesn't look like a joint, doesn't look like Ariana


Next they'll have a pic of Boober smoking a cock!


Get real people. Pot is legal for the most part now and will be completely legal in a few more years. I would rather see someone with a joint in their hand than someone with a drink in their hand. Drunks kill people all the time, pot smokers just go to sleep when they have had too much.

@ Who Cares

Yeah back in my day many kids started on pot and I ended up going to many a heroin addicts funeral.....all in their 20's.....

@ Who Cares

This kid is a Pathetic little creep....

@ critic

Yeah well that pathetic little creep
has earned what he has & also
contributes far more than you ever would if you had his money..
Charities,food banks,terminally
ill children,Justin gets personally
involved in all of these.
Tell us what you do for anybody?

@ critic

Than was Obama who smoked pot much more frequently than Justin, read his book. Also, so is Jack Nicholson, Bruno Mars, and millions who smoke; are they pathetic or is is it just this 19 year old kid that went from poverty to where he is through hard word in his craft?


Everyone gets high. Who cares.


No way, totally Photoshopped

@ David

😡Your an idiot go suck a cock and get over it you 💩(shit) face its real he's 🚬😤smoking pot open your fucking 👀eyes and stop gushing over him!!! He's a piece of 💩(shit)!! 😡


he is tired of Nannies.................


That's (allegedly) a blunt, not a joint.

@ Todd

Who ever wants to see my ass and boobs send me an email of a pic or video of your dick (video would be better) and I will give you a pick of my ass an boobs at ayianamhernandez@yahoo.com thanks😉


Just because he's smoking pot he probably thinks he all that but shit is gunna go down. Stupid shit faces that love him get over it bitches 1. He's never going to date your ass even if you twerk on him 2. He's fucking gay so hes not going to date any of you3. Your fans and thats all he thinks of you guys So just forget about that queer,asshole,drug addict, motherfucker, and last but not least player. That's it I'm done wait no one more thing FUCK YOU MOTHERFUCKER ASSHOLE PLAYER DRUG ADDICT QUEER Justin bieber know I'm done


Im pretty sure thats not arianna grande..

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