Justin Bieber Loves Asia, Going Shirtless

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We don't know whether or not Justin Bieber cheated on Selena Gomez, as Taylor Swift seemed to hint at in a recent interview.

But we do know this much: the singer loves to take his shirt off!

And Bieber has done it again, posting an especially muscular portrait of himself to Instagram this morning along with the caption: "I love Asia."

Justin has been touring that continent over the past several days, though he made headlines earlier this week for an event that took place very far away from the stage:

Why did his bodyguards carry Bieber up The Great Wall of China? No one really knows.

On Monday, meanwhile, Bieber rode his skateboard around Beijing, making fans in the area go bonkers when he hit up a mall and spent some time with the local.

The singer will play in Shanghai Saturday before departing to Japan and then South Korea. He'll then be in South America for 25 more shows prior to returning Stateside.

But even though we won't be seeing Bieber any time soon in America, we will be hearing him: Starting midnight Sunday, he'll be releasing one new song per week for 10 weeks straight.


Justin Bieber Shirtless Style
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Looks like Bieber is on steroids to get those muscles...




.......alway's that sick puberty face expression. his managers told him to do that-TO BOOST SALES!!


Wow his body looks pretty nice in that picture though. And a guy going shirtless isn't that big of a deal...


Everybody seems to be doing it so why pick on him? Why do other get a pass when they show more than he does?

@ ivan

Everybody doesn't humiliate their bodyguards. He has gone to far. He posted a picture in black and white because the shadowing gives definition. But when so many fans are 8 yr olds going shirtless is very strange. He is a total.narcissist
He is a tool.

@ ivan

everyone seems to be doing it - let it slide - good reasoning


She looks like Bambi in the headlights