Johnny Depp Goes Blonde: Love It or Loathe It?

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Johnny Depp is known for his many unique looks on screen, from The Mad Hatter to Edward Scissorhands to Captain Jack Sparrow.

But the multiple-time Oscar nominee surprised fans over the weekend by debuting a unique look in real life, going blonde for an event at the London Film Festival that honored Christopher Lee.

Johnny Depp Blonde Hair

Depp was on hand to present the legendary actor with the British Film Institute Fellowship, hailing his frequent co-star as a "a very great man indeed."

Depp and Lee have shared the screen in three Tim Burton-directed films: Sleepy Hollow, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Dark Shadows.

Working with Lee "was certainly a childhood dream come true," said The Pirates of the Caribbean icon, who referred to the 91-year old British actor as a "true gentleman," a "national treasure" and concluded with a simple: "I love you."

But do you feel the same way about Depp's lighter locks? That's the important issue here.

Vote now: What do you think of Johnny Depp as a blonde?


Does not suit all!


No doubt it's for a role. Desperate bid for a story, when the real story of Christopher lee, was the true story.


Who cares what his hair color is and how insulting is the "I'd still do him" comment...Our priorities are so out of whack...

@ Mary

If you don't care then why did you click on to see and bother to comment ?


yep, The F*ggot-Look is in him now!

@ abe

Just because he changed his hair for his next movie?!You have to insult him for that?!Please think before writing!

@ think

@think No just because he looks like a f*g now he insulted him...cuz he does look like one.....when did he refer to a movie or anything like that...stop thinking to hard

@ truth

Well the blonde hair is for a movie so STFU

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