Jenelle Evans Selfies Prominently Showcase Fake Boobs From Various Angles

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We all love taking selfies and posting them to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but Jenelle Evans takes this to a new level. Girl is a non-stop selfie machine.

There's no question that despite her obvious mental issues, Jenelle thinks well of her body these days, as evidenced by the subtle emphasis on her boobs.

In. Every. Single. Pic.

Mmm. Nice. The briefest of looks at the Teen Mom 2 star's Instagram feed shows more cleavage than Kim Kardashian. Okay, maybe not. But she's trying.

Jenelle Evans, who underwent plastic surgery to get her breasts enhanced, is pleased with the results. Heck, she doesn't even show her face in some selfies:

Jenelle Evans Rack
Jenelle Evans, Jace Pic

We see, Jenelle! They look good!

Again, it's not like she's doing something no one else does - narcissism, vanity overuse of social media - especially in today's self-congratulatory culture.

You also can't blame the oft-troubled star, or anyone, for trying to nail the most flattering angle and/or filter if you're going to post the image online anyway.

Still, she even works the rack into pictures with her boyfriend and four-year-old son. Once in awhile, J, aim the phone a tad higher. Head shots are okay too.

Just saying.

Jenelle Evans Selfie Photo
Jenelle and Nathan Selfie

I do see in a few photos that yes, she is going a little bonkers and showcasing her boobs. But why are we focusing on her so intently? Every girl on Instagram takes photos in poses like that, to show their outfits. And in some of these photos there isn't even cleavage being shown. She can't hide her boobs from the photos. They're not removable. Do you want her to carry a blanket around with her?


honnest is re-invented by americans?


I actually think Jenelle is a very pretty girl. To me, she looks like Kristen Stewart, but prettier. It's sad she needs to use her fake boobs to get the attention she desperately seeks.


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