Jamie Dornan as Christian Grey Reactions: At Least He's Not Charlie!

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Jamie Dornan has been confirmed as Christian Grey in the big screen adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, and for the most part, fans are ... okay with it.

Clearly, not everybody is going to be thrilled with the casting pick, no matter who it is ... with the possible exception of Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.

Jamie Dornan: Hot!

The point is, such a beloved, lusted after character from a book will stir strong emotions, and those make it very hard to please the populace at large.

Despite negative reviews from some, and a collective "he wasn't what I imagined" from others, he appears to at least be an improvement over Charlie Hunnam.

As you can see from THG's survey results, he seems to fare better:

Dornan Poll

For the most part, perhaps bolstered by smoldering Jamie Dornan photos, fans seem willing to take a chance on the newcomer from Northern Ireland.

As for how Hunnam was received, when he was first cast opposite Dakota Johnson in early September (he bailed in early October for personal reasons)?

Hunnam Poll

Actually a lot better than some of the online chatter, fan vitriol and petitions to replace him might suggest, but Dornan still wins by a considerable margin.

In any case, you are stuck with him now, fans.

He may look like a cross between Ashton Kutcher and Seth from The OC, but starting November 1, he will be Christian Grey. Production starts that day.


I hate your choice of character for Christian Grey! Yes, he has a great body, but have you seen his face?! Nothing like the description and he isn't that good looking... I'm so disappointed... I was really hoping for Ian Somerhalder to take part as Christian Grey. He has the perfect look, shizzeled features, he matches the description, and he can play the perfect bad boy. Have you seen him on TVD?! He's perfect for Christian Grey and I know that everyone would agree with me!


The move is call 50210


Seriously? Jamie looks like a lumberjack... Yes he's attractive but he doesn't fit the description of the dark and sexy Christian Grey at all. Lets just hope his acting is more satisfying than his looks.


Not my pick,he does not represent the dark brooding personality of Christian Grey.He is to boyish looking and does not have the manly sexappeal needed for this role.He is just an other pretty face.I loked at a list of one hundred young actors and only one stood out,he is a dark muscular hunk,who oozes raw sex,a real he man.His name Henry Cavill.He represnts the real Christian Grey.


I really don't think he was a good choice for this role. Not doubting his acting skills, but he just does not fit the description of Christian Grey.As an actress myself, I feel that it is only right to give Jamie a fair chance. However, I can't help but to be a little biased. I can only picture one person and one person only to portray Christian Grey. Ian Somerhalder would have been the best choice of all! Not only does he fit the image, but his acting is phenomenal and he is capable of portraying that brooding, dark,mysterious personality that it described in the book. I really think the Directors should take the readers opinions into consideration. Especially since we will be the ones who will be buying the tickets to see the movie.


And if this Jamie guy had been the first one to be cast he would have gotten the same reaction that Charlie did. Either way Charlie is a much superior actor and is far too good for this crap.

@ angelwings

Couldn't agree more. CH was the only reason to see this mess. Now it's been completely reduced to twilight girl dreck. Neither Jamie nor Luke resemble the physical descriptions of the characters they have been hired to portray, not to mention the fact that they both look 12. Be careful what you've wished for girls!


The CH survey polled more than twice the votes. Kinda seems there's just a lot less interest overall and the Jamie Dornan confirmed/unconfirmed/EL James says so hype smells a bit desperate. Personally I think the movie is gonna be a career wrecker for anyone involved and I'd have preferred Jamie Dornan to live up to the promise of The Fall not head for basement bargain bucket instant notoriety/cheap fame in place of credible.


I prefer Jamie waaaaaaaaaaaay over Ian. Let's give this guy a chance!


what to say about Cletus?

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