James Woods on President Obama: A True Abomination!

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James Woods is not what you'd call a fan of President Barack Obama.

The 66-year-old actor expressed his opinions on Twitter this week in the wake of the federal government shutdown, placing the blame for it on Obama.

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Woods, who is dating Kristen Bauguess, also criticized the president for various other problems in the U.S., including gun violence and race relations.

He responded to both those who agreed with him and those who did not, calling Obama an "abomination" and linking to articles about the shutdown.

Woods said the remarks might keep him from being able to find a job in Hollywood, but that he's resigned to that fate after he put "[his] country first."

Some of his most choice Tweets about the POTUS:

  • I believe Barack Obama has done more for gun sales, less for race harmony and more damage to community than any president ever.
  • Sixteen tears of machine Democrats shredding the fabric of this Republic will toss the greatest democracy on the trash heap of world history.
  • I think Barack Obama is a threat to the integrity and future of the Republic.
  • Might be slightly difficult for you if those of us who didn't vote for Obama all left. Who would pay for all your stuff?
  • Yes, remember when Obama cried crocodile tears for the victims of chemical weapons in Syria? Never heard another word, did we?
  • Imagine if we just took care of our own citizenry and stopped foreign aid to nations who wanted us dead.
  • One final word. I am truly saddened that the few Lib detractors are so ugly in their approach. I would welcome polite differing viewpoints.

I totally stand by you James Woods. That non-resident Iranian terrorist of a president that claims to be a negro is no more negro than my dog spot.
He should be on the FBI's and CIA's list of the ten most wanted pig fugitives.
Ford shot Abraham Lincoln out of hand that evening at the theater -- where's our modern day John Ford when we desperately need him to save this country from the likes of that slime ball cockroach contaminating the White House and the decent citizens of our proud nation. I'll be standing by waiting for President Obomination's CIA Swat Team to take me out at two thirty some morning. I don't care!


Your actor no one thinks your opinion is valued so shut the fuck up


this james Woods is trying with old fashioned manners to ruin america?
Maybe it sounds great what he is thinking but the point is entire Europe & Asia is moving forward & the U.S. are going back to the old day's. .............Barack did it right, folks.


Woods is dead on. Obama has his own agenda and it's been there from the start. He gathered the poor, gay, the rebellious, minorities, single women and made them his voter base. He gave the reason to hate along with free cell phones. His anti American group of socialist rode herd on all who would follow. Obama hates this country as it was when he took over. He resents the rich, he has a strong bitterness about the white blood in him and he has no true north in being responsible with our young people's future. His problem is that he under estimates the distrust people have for the government. The poor are worse off because people with money now resent them along with welfare, food stamps, government programs. His pass in being the 1st black present is no longer there and the jobless, homeless are no longer important to the ones that have been trashed by the media and all liberals.


Woods will be fine. He just landed a lucrative Fox News gig, where all unemployed politicians go.


James Woods has a new fan!


You ever hear of the phrase " I smell rain" well I smell a reckoning. This country is at a crossroads. Half are tired of being accused as racist and greedy and not caring and the other half is getting ready to find out what that means for them. Obama is an abomination surrounded by weak minded people. Just like the rain coming, you can't see it or prove its there but it's coming. How anyone could vote for him twice is a mystery that can only be described as idiot living. If people think that WE are going to let this Government takeover by Liberals ruin our kids future with mountains of debt then you are as stupid as the ignorant people who brought your lazy ass's into the world! Yeah- I smell rain and it's coming.

@ Sims

It's hard not to take this personally. K.

@ @Sims

U gonna play cat and mouse all night? I would ask you to take off the mask but I'm to realistic to see that as possible.


Way to go!!


James Woods is nothing more than a blowhard prick in the ass. Just like Alec Baldwin. They can both FUCK off.

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