Farrah Abraham: Sex Tape is Not What I'm About!

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Farrah Abraham is sort of like the train wreck you can't take your eyes off of. Oh, you can definitely avert your eyes from her sex tape. Just not her. In general.

Having previously dropped some epic knowledge on our domes by saying her sex tape helps connect her to fans, she now says she's so over that stuff.

"I am not a porn star," says the girl who wants to single-handedly save your marriage, spice up your life and give you #pleasure (another quote).

"I’m going to be done doing adult gentlemen’s clubs and exotica expos soon you know. At first I loved doing that, meeting new fans that appreciated me."

"Now I feel like it’s gotten too far and I just kinda want to be done with that."

It's gotten too far, alright. But does the Teen Mom really want to rein it in?

"I think going out and doing some of these things are fun, but when it gets to a point when it’s not fun, it’s more distracting, I’m not about that anymore.”

She's not about that, people. Except for the vagina mold she has coming out, or the picture of herself with a condom lollipop on Twitter ... yesterday.

Farrah Abraham, everybody. She is not smart. At all.

We're not sure if she actually believes the stuff that spills out of her mouth, or has any idea how contradictory and full of crap it sounds, but no matter.

At this point, we can't turn away. Farrah 1, THG 0.


I read a comment this morning that made perfect sense. She got mad at Vivvid & had a run in with them because they wouldn't lie for her when the story broke that she didn't make a million dollar payoff on the porn video. The reason they WOULDN'T lie is because they know that her former manager (with whom she had a falling out with & who is suing her) has a copy of the contract. Sooooo......that's why her appearances are about to end. Not because "they aren't fun anymore". She'd do those appearances forever if she could because those strip clubs are the ONLY places she will EVER be treated like a "star". As usual, she's spinning it to look like SHE'S in control & so above it all. Please, girl, you JUST posted a Keek video of you drunk & screaming like an idiot at an "appearance". Ummm....you looked like you were still having PLENTY of fun. You're getting cut off. Whatcha gonna do now? Here's a suggestion....go get a REAL job & be a REAL mom. There's a lil more to it than getting a tattoo on your leg, hun.


She looks like a fuckin Idiot. And she acts like one too so I think she's pretty much on track!" My only question is why in the hell hasn't anyone called child protective Services on this cow and had her daughter taken from her. I'd be honored to adopt and take care of that little baby.


Too late Farrah. You are a porn star & a slut.


In Major League baseball there is a policy. If a fan runs onto the field to and interrupts the game the cameras will not show that individual or his antics because this gives him the attention he wants. The same should be said for this woman.


she won't eat Dicks for breakfast, folks!!


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I think having a TV show that shows your personality and your intimate life, you know, showing your best friend, and then showing having sex ... to me it's kind of the same thing because both things are intimate.

[On her DUI arrest] I did not endanger anyone's life.