Farrah Abraham on Bethenny Frankel: So Degrading, Rude and Judgmental!

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Farrah Abraham is speaking out after what she feels was a degrading and judgmental appearance on Bethenny, and she's taking aim at the talk show host.

In the interview, she sparred with Frankel and the crowd, which had tough questions for the controversial single mom and put her on the spot early and often.

Farrah Abraham was forced to defend her parenting skills and some of the decisions that she has made, including waxing daughter Sophia‘s unibrow.

The 22-year-old is not happy about how she was treated on the show, claiming it's not what she signed up for when she agreed to appear on Bethenny.

“Before going on, I was told that it would be a positive and inspirational talk for mothers and business women,” the star of Backdoor Teen Mom said.

“But as soon as I met Bethenny, it turned into a judgmental zone. She didn't like how I valued my daughter’s opinion and care so much about her."

Farrah, of course, recently said that Sophia does her own thing while she does her own. According to Abraham, this is "allowing her to have her own voice."

Regarding the unibrow, Farrah said the crowd brought up "very old misconstrued tabloid topics" and was allowed to be "disrespectful towards me and twist my opinion."

“It was rude and I felt Bethenny siding with these women and their untrue statements [was] degrading to women,” said Farrah in an interview with Radar.

“During the show, she brought up my sex toy line… and tried to encourage the audience to not buy my line because ‘I’m a Teen Mom and that’s all I will ever be,’” she said.

“This was very rude as my life has moved on from all of this, plus, it made no sense at all being the first release of the sex toys are for men not women."

"Perhaps her ex-husband Jason will be purchasing my sex toys… not women like Bethenny.”

Bringing up Frankel's own divorce with Jason Hoppy? BURN.

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Every time Farrah opens her Mouth u can tell she went to school for Cooking and never majored in English or anything requiring Book Smarts cuz Farrah sounds like a Fool when she talks. Stop Talking Farrah it hurts the public Ears


She has severe delusions of grandeur and you can see her seeth anytime someone tries to give her advice. Her response to the sex toy question was hysterical. She was so proud of her toy line and molding her "goodies" and has no switch in her head telling her when she is being inappropriate. The audience gasped with the goody line and she was clueless to how she came off. She is also a pathological liar with the whole James Deen boyfriend story. Notice that since vivid fired her she is making it sound as if she was never into the porn scene as if all the strip club appearances never happened. And what happened to the publicity stunt DJ boyfriend. Is that already over after a few days of attention? The woman is seriously mentally ill.

@ Real+parent

She shows signs of histrionic personality disorder and narcissistic, especially with her delusions of grandeur. you're right on the nose


Same old story....everyone's being mean to Farrah. WahhWahh. Bethany was just being honest with her. In fact, if I were Bethany, I'd be pretty pissed that she came on my show & told a completely different story about the p0rno tape than she told Dr. Phil. She told Bethany that James Deen was a "boyfriend". She told Dr. Phil that James Deen was a paid actor whom she had never met. BOTH stories can't be true. I would have expected her to tell the truth on my show. She also lied about Sophia being asleep when she waxed her brows. She wrote in her blog that Sophia was awake & "freaked out" when she put the wax on her. I love how she tried to downplay her plastic surgeries. She left out her 2nd boob job when she listed what she had done so far. She also didn't mention having the chin implant put IN, only that she had it taken OUT. That's the way she twists things around to make herself look better, but then accuses everyone else of "twisting things around". I got such a laugh when she said that "in 5 years she could be running a big company". How is she gonna run a company when everytime someone tries to give her some advice or doesn't go along with her constant lies, she throws a tantrum just like she did at Bethany? That's hilarious! The ONLY things she has done to make money so far is to take off her clothes & spread her legs. Hey does anyone know what happened to her having a Sirius radio show that was supposed to start in November? Or the reality show she claimed she was being filmed for during Fashion Week in NYC a month or so ago? She never mentions those "endeavors" anymore. Wonder why??


She is out of her mind calling out bethenny for degrading women. Farrah aren't u the one in the sex industry? Anyways , those plastic surgeries didn't change how ugly she is (on the outside).

@ Haha

What happened to the rest. And the book and the mansion and tesla? I love how, in her mind, this sex toy line makes her a businesswoman. Besides spreading her legs for a mold, what is she doing business wise to market this product that nobody will buy? Bethenny should be ashamed of herself for degrading herself and her show by having this human stain appear.


She got all that done and she's still ugly Farrah. Anyways , how is she saying bethenny degraded women's image ,when she's the one making porn and sex toys ? Lol the media needs to tk the spotlight off this really stupid slut.


simply skip this video, folks!!


What else would you expect? She constantly get plastic surgery to change her breasts, nose, chin, or whatever else, She's obsessed with image. Just look at her a few years ago. http://plasticsurgerykicks.com...

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