Deadmau5 Slams Justin Bieber: Grow the F--k Up Already!

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Justin Bieber was involved in some kind of night club altercation late last week.

Initially, reports claimed the singer actually attacked a DJ in South Korea because he wasn't a fan of the music that man was spinning, but now it appears as if only heated words were exchanged between the pair.

Soon after hearing that something went down, though, Deadmau5 took to Twitter and made his take on the young artist very clear.

“Dear @justinbieber, would you please grow the f*ck up already? In the meantime, put a shirt on, and stay away from nightclubs,” Deadmau5 wrote.

The DJ, who also hails from Canada, apologized on behalf of everyone from that nation and added that someone "needs to shut [Bieber] down."

“I’m sorry, but if you got up in my face while I was performing, and demanded me to play some bullsh*t, I’d probably punch you in the neck,” added Deadmau5.

Bieber Crotch Grab
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As you might expect, a few fans of Bieber - who released a new single, "All That Matters," yesterday - weren't pleased with Deadmau5's take... but that only fueled his rage.

“F*ck all these f*ckin popstar tw*ts,' he wrote. "Remember back in the day when my timeline wasn’t filled with prepubescent c*nt rage?"

He then concluded by sarcastically addressing critics who accused him of being jealous of Justin Bieber.

"Ok kids. You got me. I’m just jealous that I will never be able to hire writers and producers to make me a chart topper. That’s about it.”


Go Joel, put that kid in line.


aww poor "bee-ber" wish he would fall off the face of the planet already


he is hoping so badly people see him this way, hahahahahahahahaha!!


Good for you Deadmau5. More people have to do this. This kid has to get on the right track.

@ robertL

Deadmau5 is so jealous he is spitting with rage.What a piece
of boring, untalented Crap he is.Too bad this is how desparate
he is for attention.He should get
an award for most bored & boring
wannabe songwriter of the decade.Deadmau5, you need to
shut your unintelligent mouth
& go try to lay down some tracks
that are Catchy.

@ lola+d.

wow... Deadmau5 is not jealous, he makes money as a DJ and get's crowds going and pumped. Don't see you doing anything with your life besides commenting on other's and saying shit about someone you don't know.Just stop and move on loser.

@ CJ

Wow.Deadmau5 gets people
pumped.How impressive! He
should keep doing that and
keep his worthless thoughts in
that tiny brain he bought.Don't see Deadmau5 doing much but
saying shit about somone he doesn't know.You will never see
me on the internet ,loser but I do
alot more than Deadmau5 ever
will.Now go do your homework.

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