Baby Found in Bag of Apprehended New York City Shoplifter

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A 17-year old girl was caught shoplifting at a Victoria's Secret in New York City yesterday.

And when authorities confiscated the young woman's shopping bag, they found a dead fetus inside of it.

After spotting Tiona Rodriguez and a friend snatching lingerie from this Herald Square store, security guards confiscated the bags being held by these shoplifters and were shocked at what they discovered.

According to Rodriguez, who was transported to Bellevue Hospital for evaluation immediately after this incident, she suffered a miscarriage the day before and did not know what to do with the fetus.

It's unclear just how far along Rodriguez was at the time of her miscarriage, with one source saying she was "nearly full-term" and another claiming she was six-and-a-half months along.

Either way, Rodriguez posted a message that read “These Cramps, SON" on Facebook Wednesday evening and then reportedly had the male fetus at a friend's apartment in Queens.

Police set up a command center there last night as they worked to gather more information.

“She’s a good girl. I can’t believe she would do that,” Zami Ford, a neighbor of Rodriguez’s in Brooklyn, told The New York Daily News. “Who the hell would do that? That’s sickening.”

Ford said Rodriguez lives with her mother and a two-year old son.

The fetus was found in a black plastic bag Rodriguez had been hauling around, wrapped in clothes. This plastic bag was in the bottom of another bag and it was covered by the stolen undergarments that prompted the initial search.

An autopsy will be conducted to confirm the cause of the child's death.


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so she's 17 and has a 2 yo son at home already. Get's knocked up again and once she miscarries her biggest priority is stealing lingerie. Is this so she can spread her legs and get knocked up again? I'm sure our tax dollars are paying for her and the poor 2yo who had the misfortune to be born to the trampy mother. But "she's a good girl" right....despicable!


I'm guessing the shop lifting charge will be more important than murder. Racism of course is the toughest society charge today but with abortion being a FULL BLOOM then I'm sure this girl will get off.


wow just wow, you go to the hospital when you have a miscarriage, she should have went when she started feeling the cramps, and why the hell would you carry your dead baby around with you wrapped in a plastic bag? and then decide to go shop lifting???? what the fuck


She had a miscarriage and decided to go shoplifting. The human race is a damn embarrassment.



@ JOY (((@)))

You're an idiot. You should do something about that.


wow. Just wow


Seriously? This is unbelievable... Smack her hand & increase her welfare! She is despicable! This lunatic has a two year old.

Kolawole azeez

it's happening allover d world