D.C. Man Sets Self on Fire: Report

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Authorities were called to The National Mall today near the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum after onlookers spotted a man on fire.

According to a D.C. Metropolitan Police spokeswoman, joggers and other onlookers saw an unnamed individual engulfed in flames, with many taking off their shirts and attempting to put the man out.

Cops arrived on the scene around 4:30 p.m.

Emergency workers quickly descended on the victim, who they found conscious and breathing. A medical helicopter then touched down and took the man to a local hospital.

β€œI was crossing the street and didn't see him pour the gas or light the match, but saw the flames move up from the middle of his body to his arms,” Vanessa Sink tells Yahoo News. β€œHe didn't make any noise that I heard.”

Because the incident took place in such a public location, Twitter soon blew up with photos and comments. (Example: @LiveMusicGirl: "Just witnessed the craziest thing ever... a man set himself on fire and danced down the Mall. #horrifying")

The U.S. Park Police is investigating along with the police department, which has dispatched its violent crimes branch, the typical responders to cases that involve a person suffering a major injury.

Neither the man's name nor his motive has been released.

But the self-immolation took place in a city currently going through a government shutdown and in which a high-speed chase outside the U.S. Capitol on Thursday ended with a woman, Miriam Carey, being killed by police.


He did a good job ! Roasted like a wiener !




I can only imagine the Speaker of the house and his band of Sam I Am reading criminal misfits will dismiss this just more game playing. Whatever caused this man to go over the edge one thing is certain. Very real people are hurting, and the millionaires on the hill are using their energies and our money fighting for tax cuts for their fat cat friends.

@ chas holman

Yep...I live in the D.C. metro area. There is so much pressure on everyone to carry on!... It is a shame that people are cracking up like this. I think they are making a statement. The recent shooter at the Navy Yard is just another example... There are some bozos that are selfishly trying to hold everything up. The ACA is the law. We have to make the best of it. The arguments against it are a lot of smoke & mirrors, IMHO. That said, the NSA revelations add to the federal tensions with the public, too!...