Dancing With the Stars Results: Shock in the Ballroom!

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After a fifth week of sassy live performances on ABC, the Dancing With the Stars results are in for the fourth Monday night elimination of Season 17.

So who's packing their bags this time around? Let's find out, shall we?

Dancing With the Stars Cast Pic Season 17

Combining both scores from Monday's episode and public votes from last week, the Dancing With the Stars results show is harder to predict than ever.

With Bill Nye and Valerie Harper out, Bill Engvall was on the block.

Well behind his competitors last week, it would take a strong effort for the comedian to get back in this. Ditto Brant Daugherty, who was also back of the back.

Where they able to do it? Or did another contestant surprisingly end up on the outs? Follow the jump for this week's Dancing With the Stars results ...

Boy did we call that wrong. Very wrong. DWTS surprises again.

Three pairs were in jeopardy Monday night: Christina Milian and Mark Ballas, Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani, and Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy.

That guaranteed we were in for a stunner, and at the end of the night, Milian and Ballas were sent packing, despite earning the first 10 of the evening!

"Shock in the ballroom," co-host Brooke Burke said.


"It's a true shock, I wasn't expecting that, but we had I think the best performance tonight that we had thus far," Milian said of her 28-point cha cha.

"I'm just very proud of Christina, we worked really hard, she was great tonight. We went out with a bang," said Mark Ballas, despite his frustration.

Although a surprise, there was a strong clue.

The show opened with host Tom Bergeron saying that based on last week's audience voting "one of the women would be going home tonight."

Only the judges' scoring could have saved Christina Milian; in the end, even the impressive two nines to go with the 10 weren't enough to do that.

What do you think? Should the format be amended if this is the kind of result we're going to get? Or is it just the way the dance competition goes?

Did the voters/judges make the right decision?


Judging should be done by a panel of judges. It's more like a popularity contest rather than who's the better dancer.


Plain and simple, the blame lies with the voting fan base, or, better yet, the lack of one... She was voted off before she danced. Two more points would probably not have made a difference so trying to point a finger at the judges this week or Julianne last week is bogus and ignoring the most important fact - people don't vote, people go home. Plus the booing audience was sad... how hurtful to Leah... People can be soooo insensitive.


My final word is going to be GO LEAH! YOU ROCK!


Jeeish! Some pretty harsh words for Leah! Whether you agree with the results or not, wishing that someone gets hurt is just down right wrong! Grow up!


Never mind shocker. She got screwed. This new format sucks. If thats the way they are doing it then announce the result before they dance. Don't let them get up and dance and then send them home. They shouldn't be allowed to dance, my votes were wasted. Also telling Elizabeth that she was in jeopardy wasn't right either. Leah is the one that should've gone. Change your format or go back to 2 nights. Wise up ABC or you won't have any viewers.


I hate the new format. Votes from last week combined with judges votes this week is ridiculous. It gives more weight to what may have been a poor performance last week and doesn't give enough credit for improvement. Tuesday night on ABC ain't that great this year. Go back to results shows on Tuesdays.


Like the pros said, it's not just the dancing that makes a champ. Think her arrogance is what did her in.


Wrong couple. Won't watch or vote anymore. Obviously DWTS is fixed. There is no way Christina is out over that no rhythm idiotic bitch Leah. Did you hear the audience reaction when they found out Leah is safe over Christina they were booing and loud so there is no way Leah is in and Christina is out. DWTS needs to let the judges send people home or give them a judges safe like American idol or even bring back the dance duel any of these would be better especially the dance duel that's the most fair way. Bring back Christina. Hope Leah and Tony get hurt in rehearsal and drop out they shouldn't be there anymore anyways.

@ Denise

It certainly seems that the voting was fixed or is worthless. It also seems that certain couples are preferred over others. And it also appeared that temporary judge, Julianne Hough was out to get Marc Ballard. If the show is to retain any element of interest to me it should bring back Christina

@ Denise

I agree I'll never watch this show again, wait I never watched this crap anyway

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