Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans' Husband, Back in Jail For Probation Violation

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Courtland Rogers, Jenelle Evans' husband, is headed back to jail after violating his probation by attempting to sell a video of himself doing hard drugs.

We know. The man is not smart.

Courtland Rogers Mugshot
Jenelle, Courtland Rogers Photo

Courtland is currently locked up in the Brunswick County [North Carolina] Jail where he is being held on a $50,000 bond for a probation violation.

“He has to come up with the bail in cash or get a bondsman to pay the bond for him,” according to a police spokesperson quoted by celeb news sites.

While Courtland has had his legal troubles, his latest jail time came as a shock to some, as he had been doing so well with his drug addiction recovery.

He proudly tweeted about taking his journey one step at a time, and vehemently defended himself against critics who thought his recovery was an act.

So much for that.

Jenelle Evans, who is now with Nathan Griffth (she is legally still married to Rogers), is not shocked that he relapsed and went back to using heroin.

“He is so concerned about being f**ked up constantly. He told me himself he can’t live life sober, guess it’s too boring for him,” Jenelle told Radar.

Courtland Rogers responded to his estranged spouse:

Courty Tweet 1

Almost makes you feel bad for the guy, we admit.

Nevertheless, Jenelle was right that he screwed up and he seemed to acknowledge that. Rogers' summed up his plight and return to jail as such:

Courty Tweet 2

Doing so well? Guy was high as a kite the next day lol.


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