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It will be interesting to see how all this plays out. The kid looks to be well over 6 feet and doesn't look 14. Blood in the 2nd floor bathroom and she's found dead in the woods? Lots of missing pieces. The more the media hides the race in any crime the more uneasy people get. Half the time local news can't even describe the color of the perp, so automatically we know he's black. All this is a result of catering to a certain segment of society because it would come across as racist to describe a criminial so where does that leave the law abiding citizen, black or white? The more society attempts at not being racist the more we put others in harms way. Turning a blind eye to what is blatantly obvious is not the solution and it's blatantly obvious that the powers to be don't care, it's all about appearance and it appears that all is not well.

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