Christina Milian DWTS Elimination: Julianne Hough to Blame?

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Christina Milian and Mark Ballas' elimination on last night's Dancing With the Stars results show was one of the most shocking in the show's 17 seasons.

They had had excellent reasons to believe they were safe, having just received the first 10 of the season for their cha-cha and an overall score of 28.

That was good enough for a tie for first - not last, but first - but fan votes were so far out of line with the scores that the two were ousted at night's end.

Ballas didn’t do the press line after getting booted from the ballroom, but Milian spoke to the media after the live broadcast about her surprise expulsion:

“I was shocked, for sure. I’m not saying it should have been anybody else, but to be honest, after having a great performance you feel a bit more confident.”

Maybe last week's brouhaha between Julianne Hough and Mark Ballas, in which she said he outshines his partners, played a role in the results?

“Who knows?” Milian said, unwilling to go there. “I don’t want to blame it on her, (but) she is very present. She has a presence and is very likable.”

Hough's presence was certainly left. Milian's cha-cha kicked off with a series of solo moves that, it turns out, were a direct response to her remark.

“Yes, that was on purpose, absolutely,” Milian said. “Mark said, ‘Okay, if she thinks I overshadow you, we’re going to have a whole intro with you dancing.’"

Christina Milian is now focused on her gratitude to her partner, regardless.

“I told him he did such a great job and (our being voted off) has nothing to do with (him)," she said. "I wish I could be here longer, but I have no regrets.”

What do you think: Did Christina Milian deserve to go?


It was a complete surprise as she is one of the better dancers...But as even Mark has stated, "this show has more to do with the publics opinions of the dancers. Up until "last week", Christinas "softer side did not come thru...But, by then it was too late "with the new method of voting". One more week in, and she'd have picked up a few more in her "fan base".
You have to be "like able", and though very pretty and a good dancer", I never gave her a vote untill this past Monday night, and I gave her 3 of mine. I saw "more of her of her softer side",which keeps "Bill Evgal in"...Mark Ballas is a great dancer and instructor. I think "he took Julinnes remark "out of content". I heard it "as a compliment"...That "because Mark shines(and should be allowed to do it) whoever "dances with him, "is going to have to "step it up a notch".Yes, the media "always blows things out of proportion"


Ballas means scrotum in my mother


Julianne was right. Mark tried to correct it w/this dance in which he did as u can see by the high score, but a little too late. This is not the first time this has happened...many times Len has mentioned this to Mark.
Also, in the past, many couples have had high scores n still got booted out early.


Julianne may have a presence but the fans of Christina and Mark would not be swayed by her comments. Because of the comments Julianne is an easy target for the Hough haters & plain old pot stirrers (media) looking to fire things up, but the blame lies with the voting fan base, or, better yet, the lack of one...

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