Chris Brown: Rihanna Beating Looms Large Over Most Recent Arrest

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Following his arrest for assault in D.C. last weekend, Chris Brown's biggest problem is not the current legal situation, but his probation for assaulting Rihanna.

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As you know, Brown was arrested for assault Sunday morning following a violent altercation outside a club and spent about 36 hours in jail as a result.

Monday, the charge against Chris was reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor, as the victim's injuries weren't that severe and statements conflicted.

It's almost certain that won't do any time for the incident, but the impact it could have on his probation status in the Rihanna case is far less clear cut.

The L.A. County Probation Department is conducting an investigation to determine if Chris violated his probation in the beef with the two D.C. guys.

His probation requires him to obey all laws. A violation of that rule could trigger a revocation of his freedom, something he's flirted with in the past.

If you know anything about Chris, that's putting it mildly.

One source familiar with the investigation states the obvious when he tells TMZ, "It's pretty clear he didn't keep his nose clean. It sure seems like a violation."

The Probation Dept. will submit a report to the judge overseeing the Rihanna case, and the D.A. will then weigh in on whether or not to revoke Chris' probation.

Worst case scenario for Chris? Four YEARS in prison.

He was sentenced to five years' probation for beating the crap out of Rihanna in 2009. It doesn't expire until late 2014, if he can hold out that long.

Revoking the 24-year-old star's probation does not require a conviction, which is key. A judge could do it if it's believed Chris is disregarding laws.

Regardless of who threw the first punch, or whether he comes out of this particular incident with no charges, he still could be in violation of probation.

If that happens, he'll be arrested, then likely freed on bail pending a hearing. That's similar to what happened with the whole community service debacle.

The judge could also sit tight and see what happens with the D.C. case going forward. Stay tuned to see how it plays out ... but he's on thin ice for sure.

Are you on Chris Brown's side (Team Breezy)?


Why he so bad for chris mayb dont understand him self

@ Selowa n sharon

They think is own the wourld money drive him crazey


They should treat stars just like they would any other person. Money shouldn't matter in cases like this. This man will never learn. He thinks cause he's famous he can be a thug and be able to get away with it. It's sad! Lock him up and throw away the key! One less thug on the streets.


women who defend this guy have pen pals in prison. They go on to marry Death Row inmates because they have no self esteem.


This is about one of the most egotistical pieces of shit that doesn't care about his actions and has yet to come to terms with beating the shit out of a woman. Any woman who defends this trash has issues, possibly co-dependency or maybe she has been beaten her self. Women who defend this waste usually are in an abusive relationship.

@ Sims

OMG.What are you reading now?


No.This is not about blackness
or shame.It's about a guy so talented that has zero control
over this anger.This jail threat is friggin bureaucratic bullshit.
What happened to that boy with
the skateboard,singing without
half-dressed hos in his videos?
A sweet,happy ,super talented kid
with a good nature & success that
he seemed to take all in stride.
Forget jail,vindictive punishment.
making him suffer in prison.
It is not the cure & an anwer only
for those angry themselves.
The question is Why.
There is an answer & a solution
and someone needs to step up
and come up with a willingness
to treat problems with some long
lost Humanity instead of Hate.



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