Chris Brown: Raped as a Child?

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Chris Brown's recent admission that he lost his virginity at age eight raised plenty of eyebrows, but one key aspect of that story was initially overlooked.

Was he actually raped?

Chris Brown: Unity!

Quoting the singer in an extensive interview, the Guardian (UK) broke the story that Chris Brown lost his virginity at eight years old, to a local girl in Virginia.

She was "14 or 15." Really? “Yeah, really. Uh-huh,” Brown grins and chuckles. “It’s different in the country,” he added, noting his rural upbringing.

Brown grew up with a gang of boy cousins who loved porn and were raring to go. “By that point, we were already kind of like hot to trot, you know?" Chris says.

We don't, really. So, perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that the narrative has shifted in the past few days to whether Brown was raped as a child.

”Chris Brown Didn’t ‘Lose His Virginity.’ He Was Raped,” Jezebel declares. “Don’t Ignore That Chris Brown Was Raped Just Because You Hate Him,” PolicyMic says.

Legally, this is indisputably true.

Attitudes may or may not be “different in the country,” but laws in Brown’s home state of Virginia say that anyone who has sex with a person under 13 is guilty of rape.

Virginia’s statutory rape laws don’t even look at children under the age of 13, since “a child under the age of 13 years shall not be considered a consenting child.”

Even if an 8-year-old thinks he wants to have sex, he is not legally capable of consenting to it. And rape isn’t the only abuse Brown is saying he experienced.

Showing pornography to a child is also considered abusive behavior.

The impact of this story on Brown’s behavior toward Rihanna is significant, but not necessarily new. His hardship does not excuse his awful actions.

Chris' stepfather was physically abusive, which undoubtedly makes him prone to abusive behavior himself. His rape/sex tales only fuel that narrative.

What's more interesting is to try to reconcile Brown’s own way of discussing what happened to him with the knowledge that he was a victim of child abuse.

By joking and claiming that this early exposure to sex makes him “a beast at it” today, Brown seems to ignore or be ignorant of the fact that he was raped.

Brown might truly have felt like his experience was something to brag about or, perhaps the boasting allows him to see himself as the man and not the victim.

In any case, while Chris' sex claim may be true, it's hard to believe an eight-year-old initiated it or wasn't tremendously confused by what was going on.

That sounds like rape to us. What do you think? And how does it shape the way this entertainer and his present-day actions are viewed in your eyes?


Is it even true?he is attention not buying X.always looking 4 excuses.grow cb grow ur an adult.


I used to volunteer in the pharmacy at the Free Clinic in my city. Many 8 and 9 year old boys from the city would come into the clinic for treatment of STD's they got from having sex with teenaged girls. If a girl wanted to get back at another girl or a neighbor woman they would "turn out" her son or little brother. I remember a very quiet and beautiful boy and his mother both crying because an older girl had "turned him out." The woman told me that often happens to handsome young boys. It's rape.


He is a MAN now, so is RAPE on his mind? Geez, he is using that as his EXCUSE for the RUGGED way he treats women. It isn't the women that caused his problem... IF it even happened. Maybe he is just using that as his EXCUSE for his ACTIONS towards women in general. A real WHATEVER.... he is SCARY anyway. Have to be EXTREMELY HARD up to even waste a woman's TIME.

@ Geronimo

Chris Brown did Not say he was
Raped.Chris Brown is not making
excuses for his behaviour towards Rihanna.He merely replied to a question from a Magazine & people have come
the conclusion that he ,by legal
definition had been raped.
His experience is exactly as
some of the males I know.They
also laugh about it.He is just
relaying an experience & for
anyone to accuse him of being
pompous or bragging shows a
real 'comprehension' problem.
For anyone to accuse him of


Is Chris Brown saying that it's okay to have sex with children because it will make them better lovers when they grow up? That seems like the only conclusion one can make because he's bragging so much about it. He gets more disgusting all the time.

@ MirandaArgent

Yeah, you would be that STUPID AND BLATANTLY IGNORANT to come up with that idiotic conclusion. Go get some help ASAP before your way if thinking causes the global market to moron! SMH, RMMFE :-P

@ MirandaArgent

Cont'd.....Promoting sex with
children is one Twisted' fuck.
So horrible & vindictive & you
don't even know this guy.Have
you been through the same life
as Chris?You have zero compassion & you are equally
as disgusting now as in the last
comment about Chris Brown.
No doubt,he's a better person
than you.At least he is working
on some problems he's had.
You'll always be a Bitch.


A CHILD cannot consent (even a ginormous misogynist, beater douchebag ala Chris)'s rape.


Either way hes still gonna be in the media right?! You fail to realize this Isn't just some star looking for attention. Hes a human. He has feelings and emotions too. If he says he had sex at 8, then one can only take it as such. You over-evaluate everything he says and does why?! Because hes gifted in a different way?! Y'all keep him in the public eye just to give negativism to his camp. Leave the baby alone. Damn

@ nykki

That is all true.,nykki.


This is how I think about it, Imagine a 15 year old boy having sex with an 8 year old girl. You would bet he would go to jail and it be called rape rather she thought she wanted to do it or not. That should apply when it's the other way around, but for some reason people don't think male rape is possible and it's sickening.


it was saddened it was deffo rape!





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