Chris Brown: Raped as a Child?

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Chris Brown's recent admission that he lost his virginity at age eight raised plenty of eyebrows, but one key aspect of that story was initially overlooked.

Was he actually raped?

Chris Brown: Unity!

Quoting the singer in an extensive interview, the Guardian (UK) broke the story that Chris Brown lost his virginity at eight years old, to a local girl in Virginia.

She was "14 or 15." Really? “Yeah, really. Uh-huh,” Brown grins and chuckles. “It’s different in the country,” he added, noting his rural upbringing.

Brown grew up with a gang of boy cousins who loved porn and were raring to go. “By that point, we were already kind of like hot to trot, you know?" Chris says.

We don't, really. So, perhaps it shouldn't come as a surprise that the narrative has shifted in the past few days to whether Brown was raped as a child.

”Chris Brown Didn’t ‘Lose His Virginity.’ He Was Raped,” Jezebel declares. “Don’t Ignore That Chris Brown Was Raped Just Because You Hate Him,” PolicyMic says.

Legally, this is indisputably true.

Attitudes may or may not be “different in the country,” but laws in Brown’s home state of Virginia say that anyone who has sex with a person under 13 is guilty of rape.

Virginia’s statutory rape laws don’t even look at children under the age of 13, since “a child under the age of 13 years shall not be considered a consenting child.”

Even if an 8-year-old thinks he wants to have sex, he is not legally capable of consenting to it. And rape isn’t the only abuse Brown is saying he experienced.

Showing pornography to a child is also considered abusive behavior.

The impact of this story on Brown’s behavior toward Rihanna is significant, but not necessarily new. His hardship does not excuse his awful actions.

Chris' stepfather was physically abusive, which undoubtedly makes him prone to abusive behavior himself. His rape/sex tales only fuel that narrative.

What's more interesting is to try to reconcile Brown’s own way of discussing what happened to him with the knowledge that he was a victim of child abuse.

By joking and claiming that this early exposure to sex makes him “a beast at it” today, Brown seems to ignore or be ignorant of the fact that he was raped.

Brown might truly have felt like his experience was something to brag about or, perhaps the boasting allows him to see himself as the man and not the victim.

In any case, while Chris' sex claim may be true, it's hard to believe an eight-year-old initiated it or wasn't tremendously confused by what was going on.

That sounds like rape to us. What do you think? And how does it shape the way this entertainer and his present-day actions are viewed in your eyes?


Chris brown I love your songs can you come have a constert in Kentucky please love you I'm your biggest fan I got a shirt with you on it love you


No matter what people say about Chrisbrown either bad or good i will always be behind him no matter what he's going through i say big up to his music he's done a good job well done i love him 4rm his fan.


Chris Brown never said he was raped,he simply said he lost his virginity at the age of 8 you idiots!!!


almost same thing happen to me.I was 12 ,she was 16 she was my babysitter she was beautiful she drugged me one day and i woke up in my bedroom and found she was on top of i am 19 she is 23 we still drink together and never discuss what happen that i dated her for 2 years after that.and we broke up sometimes i think was i raped? is she a pedophile? because she only dates only younger men.


I'm not going to say yes it happened to him or no he's a lying sack of shit. If it happened then yes it is rape, but no one knows if he's telling the truth or if it's to try to increase his reputation.


I would absolutely call this rape. I was talked into doing sexual things with a 13 year old boy when I was 7. It messed me up for life. I never said no, but I didn't know what was going on. I didn't even realize until I was 23 just how far it had gotten and what he had really done to me. There is no way that Chris at age 8 could really understand what was going on, and therefore was completely taken advantage of. Some 14 or 15 year old girl crawling on an 8 year old boy, is sick! She knew what she was doing, and took advantage. It's rape, without a doubt.


We love you coz you r human with beautiful voice and soooooooongs


What a shame for a young boy to go through. Losing his virginity at a young age is bad news and he needs to seek help for that and him watching porn with his cousins was not good either. What a bad way to go chris.


You can gas all i care.cb is attention seeker woman time is one cares any more abt is tricks 4 X not buying X 2 promote him and his leeches .he is a drug addict.look at him all worn out.

@ Chris

Maybe before you insult people you should learn how to make things you say to where people can understand it.

Mike jones
@ Chris

Don't say that you are giving drug addicts a bad name by grouping Brown in with them. LOL


Is it even true?always seeking not buying X.grow cb grow.24 is not young.

@ Chris

Chris Brown simply gave an
interview to the Guardian as
he is a celebrity.This does not
mean he is seeking attention.
It is the publication that is
seeking readers & sales.I have
known for some years that Chris
was raised in an abusive home.
Alot more kids are watching
porn regularly & having sex at
earlier ages.Porn can really mess
up one's perception & no way
kids should be doing either.
Chris Brown is a Young artist at
24 years old.Jay Z is 42 & still
rapping,so I would say Chris is
still a Young guy.Only 4 years
out of being a teenager.

@ lola+d.

Bitch can you even add! 24-4= 20, is 20 a fucking teenager. You stupid moron. You talk like you have a "Mainline" to "THA KNOW" or something. You deny everything said about another. If you had chickenshit on your lips you would deny that a chicken shit in your dumbass mouth. STFU ALREADY,

@ Rebecca

Hey Becky,
You get smarter with every rant!
Why u up so late? It doesn't
matter what User name you create, I always recognize your
style, so vile & obnoxious.
You are indeed a real Low-life.
Take off & Never return.

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