Chris Brown Assault Charge Reduced; Star Faces Misdemeanor, Free Without Bail

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The assault charge against Chris Brown, filed after his arrest early Sunday morning, has just been reduced from a felony offense to a misdemeanor.

Chris has been released from jail, where he had been for about 36 hours, with no bail. He is required to stay 100 yards away from the alleged victim.

Brown will not be required to take a drug test, as often stipulated in such cases. His bodyguard's charge was also reduced to a misdemeanor.

The controversial 24-year-old was arrested for felony assault in Washington D.C. after allegedly attacking a man outside a hotel and breaking his nose.

Brown had been in custody since, though it's unclear who threw the first punch, and the reduced charge certainly indicates some of that uncertainty.

Law enforcement sources have indicated that the fight started when the man and his friend photobombed Chris, who was posing for a picture with two girls.

The victim says the same in his official statement, claiming he was trying to get a picture with Chris when Brown allegedly said, "I ain't down wit that gay s--t."

The victim says he responded by saying to Chris, "Why you hoing?"

Chris then said, "I feel like boxing" and hit him in the face. Then, he says, he went to square off with Chris when the bodyguard also hit him in the face.

According to the victim, who suffered a broken nose, after the bodyguard punched him, the R&B star got behind the bodyguard, screaming, "Yeah, walk away."

Sources close to Chris insist it wasn't over a photo, though, and that the guy tried to get on Chris' tour bus, and Chris was just trying to stop a trespass.

In his witness statement, Chris DENIES punching the victim and says he was on the bus when the victim tried getting on and his bodyguard "handled it."

Brown, who recently broke up with Karrueche Tran, faces certain jail time if found to be in violation of his probation for beating Rihanna back in 2009.

He could theoretically have his probation revoked without a conviction, but the more likely scenario is that probation officials will see how this plays out.


He is a spoiled brat and will more than likely get off with a slap on the hand.


Its funny about Chris Brown since he was saying mean things about Rihanna a couple of weeks ago. When his judge in CA sees the new arrest plus gets a copy of the verbally abusive stuff he has been saying about Rihanna, he is going to be in trouble again for breaking probation rules. He needs to grow up, and he should be glad Rihanna is so nice, cause other girls who are tougher than him would have broken his nose for hitting on them. Enough.

@ Ugly Z

He is rich so all he will get is a slap on the wrist, then go home and sleep in his millionaires mansion.


I knew time. He'll never learn.

@ Lady K

Did you even read this? Not that
it's word is Gospel but there was
alot more to this then Chris boy
fans.getting hit unprovoked.It seems like they went out of their
way to hassle him.Who does that? More like they never learn.

@ lola+d.

First off, Chris is just as much at fault as those who provoke him into this shit. It's a sickening cycle of Catch an release. He should've never have allowed for this. to escalate. Chris is just too much of a hot head. I still like the guy, he just learn how to spot when someones trying to bait him.

@ Lady K

You still like the guy? He whips the shit out of his girlfriend- no matter, you still like the guy. He is a walking tattooed freak show but you still like the guy. He will do nothing short of getting his ass thrown in prison, but fu*k it- you still like the guy. I never once thought you would be flawless but for the life of me I cannot figure out the unconditional allegiance some women have to their own? It's like a secret code or club or cult but it will never change-- will it. Meanwhile some bitch is dressed up in orange with a brown painted face and she is the Antichrist.

@ lola+d.

Yeah bitch you ignorant . Back to da fields!!

@ Lady K

That was weak....... As usual. Not even a MF'er or anything. Am I surprised?

@ Feather kind of weak

Not really feeling up to it.

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