Charlie Hunnam: NOT Quitting Fifty Shades of Grey Movie!

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Rumors that Charlie Hunnam is quitting the Fifty Shades of Grey movie have surfaced in recent days. The alleged reason? The widespread fan discontent.

While that is undeniably the reason for the rumors themselves - you wouldn't hear such rumors over The Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder - it's untrue.

Charlie Hunnam Shirtless
Charlie Hunnam Tattoo

Some are even brainstorming who should play Christian Grey if Hunnam walks. While absurd, that does tell you a lot about how his casting was received.

Like it or not, though, Hunnam and Dakota Johnson will star in the Fifty Shades of Grey movie. He was hanging with E.L. James only a few days ago.

The book's author tweeted, "Guess who" alongside a photo of Charlie's forearm tattoo that his character, Jax Teller, wears on FX's Sons of Anarchy.

Obviously, E.L. and Charlie aren't sitting around taking Twitpics if he isn't very much on board with the film. Sorry to burst your bubble, Matt Bomer fans.

In fact, rather than discord among the Fifty Shades braintrust, they're protecting their investment. Hunnam has reportedly been given a team of bodyguards.

Apparently they don't want anyone messing up that face ... or trying to take him out in hopes of Robert Pattinson being installed in his 50 Shades place.

Charlie Hunnam in Fifty Shades of Grey:


Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson are the worst possible actors they could of picked and in the end will hurt the movie. I believe the director or someone quoted that its not just looks that matter its chemistry and etc. But in this case as the reader and in the book Christian Grey is suppose to be really damn good looking and Charlie is not so in this case looks do matter to the fans because it should be like the picture we had of him in our minds while reading the book, Im not saying the actors aren't good at all just not for this movie and sadly they will all learn the lesson when the movie is launched. One way to not make your money is to not listen to the fans and that's the way they went oh well.

@ Stephanie

Could have*


I'm such a big fan of E.J's book and I'm superbly happy that Charlie Hunnam took Christian's role, he's PERFECT!His an incredible guy with such a huge talent and outstanding sex appeal. Looking forward for the movie and more success to Mr. Hunnam.=D


Go charlie! You are perfect for the part.


I never pictured Matt, Ian or Henry for the role. Too pretty, too slight of build, too blah. Charlie, hmmm, now here is someone who can act! Hot, angry, shy, romantic, he can own the scene or steal the scene - watch his work. Old?? Not sure what you are looking at cuz he's nothin' but hot as hell to me...beautiful eyes, gorgeous body...can't wait and that perfect Christian smirk...we're good to go.

@ caroline

Henry has a slight build? HA! He has the perfect CG body and if you read the books you'd know CG is also described as slim and muscular, not big and muscular. Charlie is perfectly described as Elliot. And Henry is the ideal CG no doubt.


Honestly its just that people have started to compromise with directors made choices..otherwise he cant be christian grey..just look at him he looks so old probably someone in his mid forties while the one portraying CG should look like someone in his late twenties..and nothing eye catching about him as said for CG every now and then..i mean nobody can hold his gaze for more than a half second while looking at him and this cant be said for christian grey..everyone imagined him as someone breath-takingly handsome thats why fans were giving their suggestions for so long..and dont tell me that none of them had brilliant acting skills apart from their good looks as everyone of them are very good in their respective tv shows or movies but casting crew dint consider them or may be no other actor,capable for this role,was willing to play such dirty role so every one of them would have turned it down like matt bomer,gerette hedlund etc..otherwise em pretty damn sure they wont even think of casting charlie..nothing can justify this selection..JUST fans are kind of letting it do i..End Of..


Go Charlie!!! Best actors in America are English!


Dakota is a real misrepresentation of Ana. A disgrace to the character! She needs to be replaced


yes perfect :) GO CHARLIE!


My first choice for Christian Grey was Henry Cavill. May first choice for Anastasia Steele was Kristen Stewart, then Emilia Clarke. Now that the decision has been made for CG & AS, I'm okay with it. After all, they are actors and acting is what they do best. Give them a try and stop hating on those two lucky individuals.


The fact is based on the book's physical description of Christian, the best actor for the job is Chris Hemsworth. But since he's not available, Charlie Hunnam is the next best actor to fill Fifty's shoes and bring this sex God to life on the silver screen. All you haters will soon be eating your words!

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